MARTIN LOGAN 7.3 with ROTEL prepro and amps . my subs are BOSTON BT1100 and POLKAUDIO plus my center has a VELODYNE SPL8 and each surround has its own 10in POLKAUDIO sub . Soon a 100+in screen and projector and oppo 3 D player. Also have PS3 ,XBOX ,SONY sacd and a HDradio tuner . My clean power is RICHARD GREY and MONSTER. My cables are AUDIOQUEST, TRIBUTARIES and MONSTER. MITSUBISHI 73" 1080P 3D TV WD-73833. I made some changes to my room . I got a 100" screen a projector and i made some new racks for my system . The are pretty cool they have led lights that are in sync with all the led lights in the room behind the screen and ceiling . All led lights can dim and change color with a remote . I cut , painted and installed some 3form on the front wall and ceiling with some back lit 3form bubble plex .

Room Details

Dimensions: 19’ × 14’  Medium
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Martin Logan Odyssey
    Odyssey fronts Theater i center 2 pair Aeon i surrounds
    • Rotel RB-1090
    RB 1090 380watts x2 to power my front left speaker . 380 to the highs and 380 to the lows .
    • Rotel RB-1095
    RMB 1095 200watts x5
    • Rotel RSP 1570
    RSP1570 prepro hdmi switching
    • Martin Logan AEON I
    4 AEON I for surround and surround backs
    • Martin Logan THEATER I
    center with VELODYNE SPL8
    • Boston Acoustics BT1100
    3 subs for LFE the BOSTON and 2 POLKAUDIO.
    • Velodyne SPL 8
    SPL 8 is just for the center channel it has a 1000 watt class D amp .
    • oppo bdp 95
    my main source .
    • Adcom GFA-555
    powers my odyssey subs .
    • PANAMAX m5400 pm
    for my 2 channel amps
    • richard grays 400
    for my 5 ch amp and prepro
    • audioquest pikes peak and cv8's
    the pikes for my upper cv8's for my lower .
    • sony VPL-HW55ES
    zero edge 1.4 gain 100
    • PS AUDIO AC 12
    power cord
    power cord
    power cord
    • DH LABS silver sonic
    1 m for amps and 1/2 m for oppo
    • Martin Logan CLS IIZ
    I made the frames for a friend pretty cool .
    • Martin Logan CLS IIZ
    I made a header in middle of a friends room for his cls and his mono blocks side speakers .
    • Rotel RB-1090
    I added another 1090 for my front right speaker the added power is nice .

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Mj I play very little video games maybe once a month on the Xbox 1 . The system gets used mainly for sports and movies and music. The led lights are dimmable so they don't really light up the room or I can turn them off when watching movies. I did return the Cary mono blocks that really sucked to do but I couldn't use them . I did replace my audio quest speaker cables for my front 3 channels with custom Clear day triple shotgun cables. The front sound stage got alot better for 2 channel music. Paul with Clear day was a pleasure to deal with and I recommend trying a demo with his cables your system at no charge very cool. I am looking to upgrade my prepro looking for one that has descent 2 channel dacs and atmos and DTSx . I also want a new projector 4k .I'm going to cedia in October I might wait till then to upgrade both.


When you refer to your system as a 'game room' are you referring to playing games on something like the PS3?
Aren't the leds distracting for movies?


Well no luck with the amps my power is not good enough for the better amps . It sucks I wanted to improve my 2 channel with the better amps but it wasn't meant to be maybe when I get a new place with better grounding. Well I guess I will spend my money on a new prepro or a new Sony 4k projector.The Cary amps did sound alot better than the Rotel amps but they must be alot more sensitive to bad power.


I just added a pair of Cary SA 500.1 mono blocks . My problem is a have a hum on both amps . I did lift the ground pin on the PS audio AC 12 power cables with no effect. I tried different cables with no change. I have 3 circuits 1 20amp for my amps ,1 20amp for my projector and cable box ,and 1 15amp for prepro ,oppo .I would appreciate any help I could get thanks.


K, looks Great!



System edited: I added another rotel 1090 amp to my front speakers . It sounds good but the system still does not sound the way i want .Maybe i need different speakers .


System edited: I made and installed everything in the room . It was alot of work but love building stuff for my room and a few friends of mine . Sorry the pictures suck they do not do the room justice . Please tell me what you think . My system sounds good but i would like a upgrade in the 2 channel not sure what to change amps, speakers or both .


System edited: I made some changes in the last year . I don't have the big rack between my left speaker and tv i built one that goes across the floor my imaging got alot better for 2 channel . I got the oppo it sounds good using the analog outs. I would like to improve the sound of my 2 channel section but i cant figure out what my weakest link is any recommendations would be appreciated . Im thinking of adding a ps audio P5 or powers cables or both .I would like to mod the oppo if it would improve my audio .


very nice set-up,i see you are another martin logan fanatic, i had the distinct pleasure of meeting gale sanders on two different occasion during the premiere of the prodigys,great guy.i also had a 5.1 ml system,but i moved a way from the whole home theater thing sort of ,back to my first love two channel audio. i never tried the game thing,but i bet the sonic's are two die for.have fun.


Thank you the room is lots of fun . I need to tweak and clean up the mess ive made as far as the speaker placement and set up and my cable situation . Other than that love system . Im helping a friend with his system take a look the name is 8' MARTIN LOGAN CENTER CHANNEL we need suggestions to help improve my system and his .He needs help to match amps with his LOGANS.


Let the games begin! Looks like you are set to blow the roof off the house and rock the foundation. Looks like big fun. Play on, play on.


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