A sweet sounding moderately priced system. To improve the sound I turned the room into a magical sounding room with my DIY acoustical treatments. A labor of love building my treatments. I spent very little money and saved a many $1000 to beautifully transform the acoustics of my music room. To quote a well known acoustical engineer.."I'd rather listen to a mid-fi system in a high end room than a high end system in a mid-fi room, any day." Ditto! I believe this is what I achieved. I love the way my "small" rooms sounds--"Big".

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    • Krell SACD standard
    exceptional CD and SACD player
    • Krell KAV 400xi
    Krells entry into the integrated market.
    • Cardas gold reference
    XLR balanced cable
    • Sonus Faber Grand Piano
    rich leather finish and black ebony wood finishing...nice touch..nice sound.
    • monster Power HTPS 7000
    AC filter
    • monster power AVS 2000
    voltage regulator
    • DVDO VP-30
    video signal processor
    • schroers & schroers Alphastatic audio tower
    five tierd audio rack with illuminated glass

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sparky....I used the albums to work as ceiling diffuser and they worked well. I bought about 60 albums at .99 cents each. I used one inch PVC pipe cut to three inches in length. Cut one end of each 3" unit at different angles (the records need to be a various angles to diffuse sound wave); hot glued the angled end to the record; and spray painted the PVC pipe black. How I attached them was by using a rather large push/tack pin that I purchased at office depot. This particular push/tack pin would fit perfectly into the free end of the PVC pipe with a flush fit. I used a hot glue to attach the push/tack pin into the PVC pipe. Then I simply pushed the tacks into the ceiling. It was really that easy. The key is finding the push/tack pins. The ceiling diffuser looks "cool"--how befitting to have a diffuser using records in a music listening room--and sounds great acoustically.


Funny Tom....everyone Tom is my cousin who was instrumental in getting me to stop spending money on audio equipment improvements/tweaks and spend the money and time to acoustically treat my room. I am glad I listened to his advice. My room sounds wonderful. Thanks Tom...BAH-BAH-BAH!


Nice work. Can you give us some details on how you hung the LPs on the ceiling?


Nice man cave! Sheep rug? Do you like sheep?


Very cool set up..Nice touch with the LP' can just reach up and grab one to spin on the TT!....but, where's the TT? ;>)


typo error...not "see" made the covers...."she" made the covers....I did graduate college some time ago.


thanxs! I love the way my music room sounds. Now I comtemplating doing the same downstairs in my movie room with acoustical treatments. Couldn't have done it without my wife's help....see made the covers for my bass traps. Hey guys...."don't I have a great wife?"


Nice digs and cool to see a member doing DIY treatments..looks like a very nice job! Krell and SF speakers sounds like a great match from what I gather.


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