Turntable: Vpi Scout Classic III Signiture (hybrid by Harry) with HRX Pully, 300 rpm motor,  VPI PLC speed control

Phono Cartridge: Benz Micro Glider, Ortofon Cadenza Blue

Digital: Oppo BDP-95 

Preamp: Schiit Freya with Tung-Sol 8SN7 tubes

Phono Preamp: PS Audio Nuwave Phono Preamp

Main amps: Sunfire Load Invariant Stereo Amp x2

Speakers: Magnepan 3.3r

Speakers: Custom Cabinets, Seas Woofers, Genesis Ribbon Drivers

Subs, Custom Stereo 15" Subs (details upon request)

Bass Mgmt: NHT X1 Active Crossover,  Audio Control Phase Coupled Activated Crossover Series II @40hz

Marantz SR-5013 7.2 Receiver, (movies only)

Movie surround done with seven Sony SS-CS5 and main system subs

Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 25’  X large
Ceiling: 12’

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    Hi Timm1951,

    Nice little system you have there. I'm out here in the Sonoran desert myself, just NW of Tucson... and I've been into this hobby just about as long as you have. I have a modest (humble compared to yours) A/V surround system, but audio is actually my primary focus.

    That said, I wouldn't mind getting together with you sometime and checking out a Blu-Ray or two. Your room seems almost ideal for such a system.


    a very nice set up.


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