This is the second of two primary dedicated rooms. I work from home so this is also somewhat of a multi-purpose. My desk is in this room too, which affords me the advantage of great tunes whenever I'm not on the phone (which sadly isn't enough)

The Room:

This room is also in the basement and is an odd shape consisting of 16x16x8 and 11x11x8 sections. I've set up on the diagonal because of this configuration (though I have rotated arrangements a few times and will probably do so again).

The room configuration also accommodates the guitar practice area though I have another room upstairs for my primary music room.

I'm in process of building a new/better equipment rack. It will probably be wall mounted - at least for the turntable. The glass rack is too unstable, although it's very convenient to be able to wheel it out to change connections.

I will be editing and adding comments over time, but this is my initial offering.

I added the TAD 60 and am stunned by the result. It drives the Mani's nicely (though only at adequate, not at high volume levels). I'll keep it here for a while and may eventually move it to another system.

Components Toggle details

    • Sony DVP-NC555ES
    DVD/CD SACD Changer
    • Meridian 508.24
    Primary Source
    • Pink Triangle Original
    analog source with achromat
    • Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista
    mini Tube preamp
    • Lehmann Audio Black Cube
    Black Cube SE
    • B&K Components M-200 Sonata
    M200 Sonatas with Mini-Platinum mod from Musical Concepts (John Hillig)
    • Totem Acoustics Mani 2
    Full-Range Monitor with Beaks
    • REL Acoustics Storm mkIII
    crossover at 29Hz
    • Audience Maestro
    primary IC, but have some DIY in use too
    • Totem BiWire
    this is an early version with 8 runs of Tress, not 6
    • Guitars Fender PRS Bennett
    part of the collection
    • Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
    40 watt all Tube combo amp
    • Belkin PF-60
    AC conditioner
    • PS Audio various
    power cords
    • DIY Amp stands
    Pennsylvania Bluestone 2
    • Tube Audio Design TAD 60
    Recently acquired for another room, but I'm running it here and am pleasantly surprised by the performance, especially by the ability to drive the Mani's.

Comments 9

actually - I no longer have mine. I've since gone fro vintage amps - 73 Super Reverb, 72 Pro Reverb, and other lesser knowns.

This post was enlightening - I thought my virtual system was dropped in the migration to the new SW. It no longer shows up in "My Page".


Fender hit the ball out of the park with the Hot Rod Deluxe,,,great sounding tube amp at a great price! Wish I still had mine,,,,


they don't need a sub at all, indeed it's nearly ridiculous to use one with them, but I'm fanatical about deep bass and the sub helps with that - down to below 20 Hz. This is usually is only recognized on music with pedal bass or organ/synthesizer music.



Do you reallt a sub with those totem speakers? In the future I would like to buy a pair of 2nd hand mani-2 speaker but I'm not to eager to add a sub.


before the Totems I was using PS Audio xStream Statement biwires. They were nice but the Totems are at least equal to better, and more flexible/easier to deal with (the Statements are stiff, fire hose size cables). I also experimented briefly with others - including Signal Cable Silver Resolution, Audioquest Slate, and Speltz Anti-cable. None of the others were as good as the Statements or the Totems.


what other speaker cables did you try before ending up with the totem? i currently use a shotgun pair of wires for my mani's and i'm going to need a longer pair shortly.


System edited: Added the TAD 60 - no pics yet. Through my experiments with various SS amps I convinced myself I needed hi power SS amps (400w/c or better), so when I decided to try this amp with the Mani's I didn't expect much. It's rated at ~50 w/c in Ultralinear, and when run in Triode mode drops to ~30 w/c I think. I'm running it in Triode mode as this is the nicest/smoothest - and was stunned by the result. It drives them at acceptable volumes - that is, at the volume level I normally listen. I think the fact that I have the Rel SW helps since I'm not challenging the Mani's to fill the room w/ bass. The Mids are wonderful and soundstage wide and deep. The TAD and NuVista seem to like each other a lot.


thanks! I love Totem speakers. They're so holographic it's incredible. I suspect that if I ever part with them it will be to upgrade to the Signatures. I previously had a pair of Sttafs and I know what you're saying about the performance of the Arros.


Very nice! How do you like the sound of the Mani's? I had the privilege of listening to a pair of Totem Arro's and the bass reproduction was impressive to say the least, especially from such a compact speaker (they're only 7" in depth with a 4 1/2" woofer). You'd swear there was a sub somewhere in the room.


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