This system allows me to hear awesome music and great surround sound without having to resort to two dedicated systems, which I don't have the room for anyway. Will update photo's soon.

Room Details

Dimensions: 33’ × 22’  X large
Ceiling: 11’

Components Toggle details

    • VPI Industries HW-19 Mk IV
    Very heavily tweeked MK IV,
    Currently using Stillpoint Mini's as footers and under the plinth. 
    SAMA with Phoenix Engineering Falcon and RoadRunner speed controller,
      The SAMA sits on two thin mouse pads to minimize vibrations to shelf 
    TTWeights Carbon Fiber record mat.
    StillPoints record weight and TTWeights record weight.
    All this sitting atop a Black Diamond Racing "The Source" shelf.
    • AudioMods Series Five Mircometer Tonearm
    Polished finish,Gold plated counter weights and Silver internal wiring.
    • Ortofon 2M Black
    • Stealth Audio Cables Hyperphono Cable
    Connects tonearm to phono pre.
    • McCormack Micro Phono Drive (SMc Audio Platinum) 2009 edition
    • Denon Denon DCD-A100
    SACD Player with Digital input and output. Shunyata Anaconda Helix VX power cord and Stealth Metacrbon I/C
    • McCormack SST-1
    Redbook playback
    • McCormack DAC-1 Ultra (2010 Edition)
    One of the most musical DAC I ever owned, make's my CD collection sound as good and sometimes better than SACD's (disc dependent).
    • Stealth Metacarbon
    This cable connects all source components to the TLC-1 Signature.
    The reviews nailed this cable to the T
    • McCormack TLC-1 Signature (2014)
    Now a buffered passive preamp built around a Shallco stepped Attenuator assembled by Kris with Audio Note resistors. Now has a balanced input and outputs and uses the same power supply as the VRE-1.
    • Stealth GS50/50 Balanced
    Connects the TLC to the M5-HP and Monoblock's
    • Lowe's and Intermetro Shelving
    Intermetro from The Container Store.
    Don't laugh, it works well.
    • McCormack 0.5's Ultra Monoblocks (2012)
    WOW, still burning in
    • Vandersteen 3a Sig
    MAHOGANY trim
    • Vandersteen 2Wq's
    Pair for 3A Sig's using M5-HP High Pass filters
    • Shunyata Anaconda and Python Helix and VX
    Anaconda's Helix Alpha's for the amps and Python Helix Alpha's to preamp. VX models for the digital source.

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System edited: Still adding the updates for the current system.

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System edited: Decided it was time to update my system info its been a while. Will add pictures just as soon as I finish setting it up after my recent move. And yes this time will add photo's :-).

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System edited: Added two DNA-1 Dlx Gold amps, McCormack TLC-1 Dlx passive Pre, two McCormack Micro Power Drives, Sony DVP-S9000es and and Sony TA-E9000es. Removed the Mono-blocks for now.

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Aha....I did think the McCormack's were slightly under-whelmed with NHT 2.5's that you mentioned - my intuition was correct ;-)

Now I like it even more that you have added the Vandys....

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System Update
Shadorne Thanks for the comments. I must have missed posting the speakers, could've sworn that they were added. Speakers added with great satisfaction and listening gratification.

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Great to hear you are making such a worthwhile journey! I suspect a speaker upgrade may be one item on your long term upgrade list given your impressive amplification and source? Nevertheless I bet it sounds great already...

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