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    • TAD CR1
    TAD Compact Reference with Beryllium coincident tweeter and midrange.
    • Graham Engineering Phantom
    Excellent sound, and a joy to set up and use. Damping fluid not used.
    • Soundsmith Strain Gauge
    Phono cart system including phono stage
    • PS Audio PerfectWave DAC
    PWD - with network bridge board.
    • Atma-Sphere MA-1 mk3.1
    140 watts of Triode Power, fully balanced monoblock design with V-cap upgrade. OTL- No transformers to get in the way of the music. Notice the point to point wiring featured under the chassis of this unit, which actually was routed much neater on their older chassis, but they went to this design to fit into a standard equipment rack. Even before I fired these up for the first time I just had take a look under the hood and snap this pic. You can see the 38 beautifully glowing tubes in the system pics.
    • Atma-Sphere MP-1 Mk3.1 Remote Volume
    All tube Preamp now with remote volume. So much depth and harmonic richness. Beautiful build quality.
    • Stealth Audio Hyperphono
    Hyperphono phono cable
    • Starsound Technologies Sistrum SP-1
    Sitting under Raven One turntable- a very nice improvement.
    • Acoustic System Resonators various
    I have 6 in total, from basic to silver to gold special. SInce i have limited space, the only acoustical treatment I have are Roomtune Corner tunes and these Resonators. They actually do work.
    • Oyaide AC receptacles and Plug P-004 and R-1
    Beryllium plated AC plug and outlet made a big difference over stock outlets and Hubbel plug. I have two more R-1's that have to go in a quad box to replace Powerports. (which should be interesting to see if there is an improvement)
    • TTWeights Momentus Duo Drive Supreme
    150 lb modular turntable

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Those Cerious Technologies TOO look interesting. Any comments on the sound? Thanks