Built around the original Sonus Faber Guarneri Hommage's along with a Jeff Rowland model 8t modded with choke for ss and Jadis JA30 mk2 with KT150's for tubes. This system floats my boat as well as any system I have heard in the last 25 years!

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    • Sonus Faber Guarnieri Homage
    Magnificent speaker, replaced well thought after Hales System 2 Sig's. Bi-wired
    • Jeff Rowland Model 8t
    Original with choke power supply and modded top plate. Best of the 8's IMHO

    Modded by Jeff in '17.
    • Convergent Audio SL-1 Renaissance BPX
    Running Telefunken 12AX7 and Valvo 6922 in phono stage and Siemens 7308 in the line stage.. Zen Wave pc.
    • Linn LP-12 Radikal D/Karousel
    Linn LP 12 with Radikal D/ Kore/Karousel and black springs
    • WTA Black arm
    Modded WTA with dual weights and black arm
    • IVAC Gold power
    Gold power cord
    • PS AUDIO Statement
    From Esoteric DV60
    • harmonix footers Footers
    Under DAC and Transports
    • Sound Anchor stand
    Sound Anchor equip stand
    • Nordost Red Dawn v2
    Bi-wire run, used with the ARC amp
    • Sound Anchor amp stand
    Dedicated to DVD transport
    • Cable elevators elevators
    Cable lifts
    • Real Traps Mondo Traps
    Bass trapping, a must hear improvement, IMO.
    • Nordost Frey
    Speaker cabling for tube amps
    • Lyra Kleos
    Super MC with 0.5mv output. Highly resolved and extremely dynamic.
    • Jadis JA 30Mk2
    With KT150's and NOS Siemens and Telefunkens.
    • Grand Prix Audio Monaco amp stands
    Two Monaco amp stands. One with Apex footers ( under Jadis) one with spikes ( under Rowland)
    • Nordost Tyr
    Tyr interconnects throughout
    • REL T5i
    Two (2) REL T5i's run in mono. Signal cable sub woofer cabling.
    • Esoteric DV60
    SACD player
    • Zenwave Audio PL11
    PL 11 power cord with Furutech NCF50's.
    • Zenwave Audio D2 Ultra
    ic between CAT and Esoteric
    • Black Cat PC-1 Silverstar
    • BLACK CAT GRACELINE Model 1 Kibou
    Graceline ic from preamp to Rowland amp
    • Furutech E-TP66G
    Power strip

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Thank you J.A. The Esoteric DV60 is a great Universal Player.


Nice Systems (all 4) Davey F. 
Always good to spot an Esoteric DV-60 player.

Happy Listening!


Guarnieri Homage - I'm in love brov.


very nice system


Palmer vs. Linn Klimax. Both good tables, and with some significant differences. To my ears the Palmer was less capable in the speed accuracy and therefore in the timbre reproduction/ depth of field area compared to the Linn, yet the Palmer is very good in all other areas. Add to this the fact that the Palmer can utilize a wider variety of arms, and you cannot go wrong with either table. To my ears, the LP12 Radikal D is superior, but probably system dependent.


Hi Davey F,

The motor of my 25 year old LP12 just conked out and I was planning on getting it keeled and radikalized, until I heard a Palmer 2.5 at an audio show that sounded fabulous.  I’ve never heard a fully upgraded LP12, but I know you A/B’ed your Linn vs. the Palmer a while back and preferred the former.  Would you mind sharing where you felt the Palmer fell short? This is going to be a big expenditure for me either way, and you are the only person I know of who has done a direct comparison! Thanks in advance for any insight you may be willing to share.



System edited: Real Traps Mondo Traps and ARC D70Mk 2 added to system.


Added Real Traps Mondo Traps and an ARC D70 Mk2 tube amp to go with my Rowland 8. The Real Traps are an amazing product, IMO. They are akin to adding a lens to the system and let it 'focus' much more accurately. I highly recommend room treatments now and can see what all the fuss is about.


I have the same speakers - and have had Rowland again but not at the same time as you do.

Nice system! - aalso like the CAT preamp but never have had one.



Chadnliz, Thanks for the kind remarks. A dedicated room is a very big plus for any system and here in S.Calif, this is by far my most expensive component.
BTW, I agree Benz is a super cartridge, you dad certainly has good taste.


Nice looking system with great gear you have there!
I bet it sounds great in a dedicated room, my dad has same cart as you do and it sounds great, I also really like the Sonus are a lucky man.


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