(more later - need to take some additional pictures)

if you find yourself in / around the city of chicago and would like to come by and beat on the V's - drop me a line - i'd be happy to set aside some time for interested parties to have a listen.

Components Toggle details

    • Legacy Audio V
    Big and bad-ass
    • Legacy Audio Marquis HD
    Holy hell.... this thing is HUUUUGE. Find a dealer - check it out... you'll be hardpressed to find a better center channel anywhere. period.
    • Parasound JC-1
    4 of these drive the V's
    • Parasound Halo A51
    Lots of power for hungry applications. The a51 will eventually turn my 5.1 system into a 7.1 rig with its remaining channels.
    • Parasound JC-2
    Since the C1 went away - i needed something clean for 2 channel. I probably don't need to say much more about this piece. It's built like a tank, runs hot, and sounds fantastic.
    • PS Audio PerfectWave DAC
    should probably upgrade this too at some point...
    • Legacy Audio Wavelet
    Dac / Room Correction - Oem'ed by Bohmer Audio.
    • Integra DTC 9.8
    Probably should update this someday.
    • M&K MX-350 thx
    Two of these babies vertically stacked really brings out the low-end in a 5.1 system. Drywall tape repair is a constant reality.
    • M&K SS-150
    Not a bad little surround tripole. For now these litle guys will stay in my system until legacy makes a dipole/tripole that doesn't have to be mounted on my walls.
    • Samsung HL-T7288W
    yes - i need a new tv.
    • Nvidia Shield
    it streams stuff...
    • Belkin PureAV pf60
    Pure crap - don't bother - avoid their power products at all costs. This unit is currently serving as nothing more than a glorified power strip. Originally purchased for noise in the lines caused by light dimmers, this unit ended up introducing more problems to video playback thn i originally had.
    • Dedicated 20 Amp Lines - w/ Hubbell Hospital Grade Outlets
    Ran some 10awg romex from an isolated sub-pannel to two hospital grade hubbell outlets. Results were quite nice.
    • Homebrew XLR - Canare L-4E6S w/ Neutrik NC3FXX
    For less than 70 dollars retail, this produced 6 custom xlr cables. Much better than off the shelf guitar-center livewire :). Eventually i'll play with some more exotic wire/connectors. For now, i'm quite happy with the situation.
    • Speltz Anticables
    Excellent bang for buck. Pain in the ass to work with. Still highly recommended

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I see the system is getting bigger! Looking awesome.


Congratulations on the upgrade to the Legacy V's! They are truly an amazing speaker.  You have one hell of a home theater/audio setup and it keeps getting better!!!

Ag insider logo xs@2xzephyr24069

added / updated gear


I have been using a Furman Elite 15pf for several years with my Sony Direct View CRT and as of the last 4 years, my Samsung DLP RPTV. The Elite line from Furman excels at video. I've also seen Richard Gray power conditioners do a great job with HD televisions, projectors and the like....

Ag insider logo xs@2xzephyr24069

I read your comments about the Belkin, looks like you weren't too pleased with how it worked with video.

Do you have and opinion about how it worked with your audio gear?

Have you found a power conditioner that works well with a HD television?

Ag insider logo xs@2xknownothing

How does the belkin work in your application with all that gear. My feeling is that the PureAV is an incredible bargain, but haven't tried with that big an amp (or maybe you have the amp(s) hooked directly to the wall?)

Ag insider logo xs@2xknownothing

Just curious if you have compaired your Slim Devices Transporter to any other CDP's? What were the results?


Ag insider logo xs@2xbearotti

Very cool on your updates/upgrades- if you think your Marquis is big, you should see one of the original Marquis with the two 15" drivers.


System edited: added marquis, whisper v2, and removed more M&K gear.


Great system! It's nice to see another HT theater with Legacy that kicks ass as a gaming system (ours makes the PS3 a whole new experience and then some....see system posted, the kids love it!). We have something call KAF (Kid Acceptance Factor) in our home that I have to contend with....

How do you like the Whisper HD's? I bought the Focus HD's and the different between them and my Focus 20/20's is amazing.

In terms of speaker wire, I've found with both models that going shotgun biwire (even without bi-amping) delivers great improvements in nearly every aspect of the sound when dealing with the big Legacy's. They seem to really love having large amounts of great quality copper to drive them.

Ag insider logo xs@2xzephyr24069

Nice system, If you send me an email, I'll send you an edited pic of your system. I'm a Photographer on the side, and I couldn't help but tune it up a bit.


When your ready to get rid of some M&K stuff let me know.
[email protected]
That is working M&K stuff:)


Nice - as an owner of a legacy set of Legacy Whisper's...I can appreciate.



You know - i'll post some more pictures about the game on my page - i've been meaning to do that for years - as it's an alpha male's wet dream. To keep things simple, it's nothing more than a pc inside of an arcade cabinet w/ a 27 inch svga monitor. It plays all the classics thru software emulation. The controls are nothing more than a fancy keyboard hack (eg: p1 button 1 =a p1 button 2 = s... etc). i'll see what i can do about getting that handled this weekend. Comparing the game to the 360 is apples to oranges. Each excels at its charge to a tee.

Got a good 700 gb's of flac on a dedicated filserver - lossless is absolutely the way to go with the transporter. The collection started out with a whimper, just a few flac'd albums that i listened to consistently - and is now, simpy, and organic phenomenon. To the point that i went out and got an LSI Logic SAS raid board - just to guarantee i wouldn't ever lose any data. It's all raid5'd. Blech – it’s a lotta disks. Don't know what i'd do without online capacity expansion.

As for the lumagen - you couldn't be more correct. I can't wait for radiance later this year. Those guys are truly masters of their craft.

Pure AV... for basic filtering - no problem. Just don't ever pay retail for em - they're not worth that at all (and don't expect miracles in the performance realm). The PF60 actually made a video noise problem WORSE... which, in my book, goes against mantra of all power filtering engineers "first... do no additional harm".


Geek! it takes one to notice.. Love the dedicated video game rig on your website! What is it, and is it even worth it with your Xbox 360?

The Slimserver really makes music accessible and make it so easy that you really want to listen more! The quality using Flac is pretty amazing also!

The Lumagen products are the best money spent in video, it's amazing what it does with my crappy HDTV cable box.

You mention that the PureAV is crap? I was just looking for something (strip with basic filtering cheap) for the bedroom and was considering the PF31 on their low end side.. Could you elaborate on the problems!


Thanks for the responses, fellas...

As luck would have it, i have a friend who is in the hi-fi biz. He is looking into getting me a grab bag of tara labs stuff on demo to hook to my rig.

Hopefully that'll help debunk a few of the myths/facts that i've heard about the effects of cables.


I Wasn't sure if cables were worth the money. Then i bought some Aduioquest Jag 24dbs (rca) and i loved them. There is a big diffence with cables.


Nice gear! AudioQuest upper level speakers cables (Mont Blac) worked great on my dads Legacy Focus 20/20....really opened the window up! I wouldnt sweat the center and surrounds, although the Legacy Cinema is a fantastic Center, my dad uses Energy Di-Poles for surrounds. Sure things with your room and some tweaks can (in a perfect world) be of most benefit but I dare say your gear should sound fantastic as is, Richard Grey Power Conditioners would probably be a good canidate. On my fathers speakers wich I know are not Whispers but still are Legacy the Classe amps sound amazing, Pass Labs probably are in the same sonic ballpark. I bet if you made or bought some corner treatments for behind your speakers to take the angle out you would be very happy with results, has some nice solutions that wont rob the bank, my dad cant pull his speakers to far out like yours they are also closer to side walls than is ideal, I gave him some Michael Green Room Tunes and we placed them behind the speakers in the corners and it worked out very well. Nice gear and good luck in your Sonic Journey!


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