I'll add pictures soon, but my camera done died, figures eh.

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    • Von Schweikert DB-99 with Supertweeters
    99dB eff. with active subs powered by 300W Class A/B amps 20Hz-70kHz FR
    • Audio Magic Clairvoyant 4D Speaker Cables
    Silver foil
    • Valve Amplification Company Phi 110/110 Power Amplifier
    KT88 Push Pull 110Wpc Modified/updated by Kevin at VAC to latest
    • Audio Magic Clairvoyant 4D XLR Interconnect
    1 meter
    • J&R Audio Design Essential 3150 Phono/Line/Preamp
    Balanced Phono/Line Preamplifier - only 2 gain stages/Bipolar transistors - RIAA eq. deviation from 20 to 20kHZ is .009dB - signal to noise ratio over 80db - Low cut filter selectable between DC, 16 and 32 Hz - switchable 3.18 us turnover point to compensate for the cutting head preemphasis roll-off - common mode rejection: -150db - output impedance: 75(RCA)/150(XLR)Ohms - direct coupled - fully balanced input to output - distortion: 0.0002% - frequency response: 0.01 to 1 Mhz - Clean gain: Adjustable to 100 db - Dual Mono design with separate power supply - Zero negative feedback - true segmented ground plane - fully regulated input to output - Front panel controls = Mute, Phase reversal, Mono, Power - Dual Volume controls: The volume control attenuates the audio signal and the stage noise at the same time, resulting in outstanding signal-to-noise ratios and dynamic range. For every volume position, there is only one resistor defining the quality of the amplified signal -capacitance loading adjustment for MM inputs via rear panel - 4 line inputs: 2 XLR and 2 RCA - 1 MC phono input(both XLR and RCA) - 1 MM phono input(both XLR and RCA)
    • Galibier Quattro Turntable
    aluminum/teflon/lead shot and oil platter
    • Schroeder #2 Tonearm
    Pertinax armwand with Reference SQ magnets shaped to reduce changes in vertical tracking force with changes in vertical tracking angle. I use it with a Teres VTA adapter and Bocchino XLR's.
    • van den Hul Colibri XPP moving coil cartridge
    mounted on the Schroeder. Platinum coils. Still our fave...
    • Technics EPA100 Tonearm
    A tonearm that makes everything easy.
    • Zu Xaus phono Mk2 xlr cable
    Din to XLR
    • Technics EPC P100C Mk4 mm cartridge
    • Technics EPC 100 Mk3 mm cartridge
    Integrated headshell. New suspension from VdH.
    • Technics 100C mm cartridge
    Integrated headshell
    • Technics 205C Mk3 mm cartridge
    Integrated Headshell
    • Technics EPC 310MC moving coil cartridge
    P-mount Moving coil
    • Empire 4000D/III Gold
    • van den Hul MM-1
    bought used
    • Azden YM-P50VL
    • Andante P76
    • Nagaoka MP-50
    Bought Used
    • ADC TRX-II
    • Audio Technica ML170-OCC
    • Audio-Technica USA AT7V
    • Acutex 420STR
    • King/Cello Tape Repro Amp
    Solid state tape repro amp and phono preamp. Cello design built by Charles King.
    • Studer A810 Reel to Reel
    up to 30ips Reel to Reel 1/4" 2 track
    • Accuphase T-1000 Tuner
    modern tuner
    • APL modified Philips SACD-1000
    APL modified
    • Herzan Active Isolation platform
    Like a vibraplane, fed by a nitrogen tank. Sits under the TT.
    • Adona 2 level stand
    holds my amp and turntable
    • DIY TNT Flexy Stand
    mahagony and SS
    • CRL/Fim Silver XLR 1M
    Bocchino XLR's
    • PS Audio Statement PC's
    4 of these
    • Real Traps Mini Traps
    8 of these for bass trapping and first reflections.
    • RPG Skylines
    8 of these for diffusion
    • Loricraft PRC-4 Record Cleaning Machine
    Vacuum record cleaner - it works great, but it's a heck of a chore cleaning every album:-).

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Nice system! Where did you get the ISODAMP? Is this the C-1002-25?