Probably should have posted this in "Done for now" but who's kidding who? Slowed down for now is more like it. The goal of this system architecture is to straddle the line between truth and musicality (ideally, I believe, there is no line) as even-handedly as possible. As we all know, every choice necessitates trade-offs and, by and large, I don't regret mine. I'm a firm believer in high sensitivity and elegant, simple circuits and minimal parts count. My inventory of wires allows a degree of experimentation in different sonic flavors by having copper, silver, silver plated copper and amorphous core varieties in house.

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    • Accustic Arts Drive 1
    top loader
    • Theta Digital Data Basic II
    front loader
    • Dodson Audio DA-217 mkII D
    Mk II D version with 218 softwaree upgrade
    • Walker Audio Proscenium Gold
    pneumatic air bearing linear tracking arm TT
    • Clearaudio Insider Reference
    Wood body
    • Atma-Sphere MP-1
    with NOS Svlvania 6SN7s and Mullard/Amperex Bugle Boy 12AT7s
    • Atma-Sphere M 60 MkII.2
    With NOS KRad, Tungsol, Sylvania and Raytheon 6SN7s
    • Avantgarde Duo 2.1 Mk II
    Each driver fitted with Bybee purifier
    • Bybee custom
    1m XLR silver DAC to pre
    • Nordost QFil
    1m XLR DAC to pre
    • Stealth Indra
    1m XLR DAC to pre
    • Stealth Varidig Sextet
    Transport to DAC
    • Stereovox HDVX(?)
    Transport to DAC
    • Nordost QFil
    10m XLR pre to amps
    • Pure Note Audio Paragon
    10m XLR pre to amps
    • Bybee custom
    10m XLR copper pre to amps
    • Bybee custom
    Rca to XLR from Walker TT to preamp
    • Nordost Valhalla
    spade to banana bi-wire
    • Nordost SPM Ref
    custom made jumpers by Bybee run from mr horn to subs
    • Bybee custom
    Banana to banana copper bi-wire
    • Pure Note Audio Paragon
    Single wire with two sets of jumpers per speaker
    • Bybee custom
    Ac cords with built in purifiers used on subs, amps, PS Audio P300 speed controller for TT and all digital gear
    • Shunyata Viper and Black Mamba
    AC cord used on preamp, PS Audio P300 used to power digital gear and compressor for Walker TT
    • PS Audio P-300
    (2) used to power all digital gear and as speed controller for TT

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Hi CLF. Sorry about the extremely belated reply but I hardly ever spend any time back at my own system posting and just saw your inquiry. The answer is none. Only Atmas have driven my system since day one. I auditioned the Duos at Jim Smiths house before buying and he used Cary monos (805s I believe) and, briefly, the little Pass Aleph cube amp. Those were onetime listens so I can't claim enough exposure to them to have any aural memory/opinion of the combo 13 years later.

Now as far as other amp/speaker combos featuring neither of my personal inventory, I, unfortunately, have not had any exposure to any other systems that are nearly as ambitious as mine because no retailer in town stocks anything of the sort and none of the guys in the audio club here are quite as lunatic fringey as me. Or shall I say my compadres are more "reined in" by practical considerations and sig. others. And I don't fly because of a medical condition so if it ain't local, I don't hear it.
Certainly, there are some very nice systems in town but, generally, they are less full range and smaller scale than what I have assembled. I do play loud and I do value dynamics and scale, among other things.



Hi Acresverde,

Nice system :-) Congratulations!

I'm curious...what other amp/loudspeaker combos have you found satisfying in addition to the A-S/Avantgarde?

Best regards,


Hi DBoy,

For some unknown reason, when I listed my system, only the cable names transferred over without the accompanying description as to what they were (ICs, speaker, PC, etc.).

The SPMs I have listed serve as jumpers between the tweeters and subs on my Duos so speaker cables per se, they are not.

Howvever, I am using Valhalla bi-wire currrently and these did replace SPM bi-wire about 6 years ago or whenever it was that Valhalla debutted (I was an early adapter).

My recollection would put SPM in the same basic camp as Valhalla (very clean, very quick and very detailed) but somewhat less fulsome in overall weight, but not much. This is not the choice for those who value euphony over accuracy. Brands such as Purist and Kubala Sosna would probably be good examples of cables whose design philosophies would put them at the opposite end of the spectrum.


Hello. I'm looking for opinions of Nordost SPM speaker/interconnect cables. Can you describe them or compare them to others you've tried? A response at your ealriest convinience would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


any pics? .nice setup!


Thanks for looking although there isn't anything to actually look at, further complicated by the fact that all the wire descriptions (ICs PCs speaker cables, etc.) have turned up AWOL. I am the virtual Fred Flintstone of the computer world, do not own a digital camera and wouldn't know how to download if I did. And further, I hate to prevail upon friends, although one has volunteered his services. Maybe I'll check into it if it's no big deal.


WOW All I can say is too bad no pictures, you have so many great products in your rig its hard to tell where to start patting you on the back!


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