This is my starter system but still a work in progress. I have spent a lot of time on the room design and build because I knew once it was built I would not be able to upgrade any of the interior of the walls. All power wires run back to the BPT power conditioner on a dedicated 10 gauge 20 amp breaker- the mains, the center, the sub, the projector and the surrounds. All wires are at least one foot apart or if needed cross at a 90 degree angle to prevent any noise. The lights are on a separate breaker.

I will not be upgrading the speakers. I will not be upgrading the Halo processor or the DVD player for the theater side. My goal is to run two mono tubes VTL, VAC or SS Krell or Pass Labs on the mains and a new CD player between the mains and then have the secondary system for movies.

At this point I most likely will upgrade all solid state amps to Pass Labs and the mains to VTL S-400 or 750's, VAC 110 or 220's. Any suggestions here?

All speakers, interconnects, and power wires will remain the same upgraded ones I presently have.

Here are a few more details:

• Dedicated 10 gauge power wire with 20 amp breaker

• All studs in walls have been polyurethane coated to create a musical transducer effect similar to polyurethane-ing a cello, bass or acoustical guitar. (I know a little voodoo, BUT go down to your basement, poly one stud next to another and knock on both once it is dry.) Learned from

• The walls were all insulated for noise and vibration control.

• The sheet rock was laid and each area of the dry wall was “checked” by tightened or loosening the screws before mudding. This was accomplished by knocking on the walls and trying to make each area sound the same by loosening or tighten the screws.

• The front half of the ceiling was slanted down towards the projector screen to reduce standing waves. Two parallel surfaces reflect continuous sound waves = poor sound.

• The paint was picked for its acoustical benefits, meaning gloss paint has the most reflective qualities verses flat having the least

• 80 weight carpet was used to further reduce standing waves-this is regret! I wish I would have put in wood floors and used throw rugs to adjust the reflective-ness of the wood floor. I am considering now putting in a slate or wood floor and tearing out the carpet.

• Leather couches were used to try and reduce the absorption of sound instead of fabric

Next steps in the room:

• VTL S-400 or 750's or VAC Phi 110/220 Tubes for the mains?? Pass-labs for the surrounds?

• Sound treatments throughout the room

• New CD/DVD player- Denon 5910 with mods by PartsConnexion, which replaces the output stage with tubes

• Various musical type decorations

Change the sub to a Velodyne DD-15 or DD-18

Components Toggle details

    • Martin Logan Prodigy
    I have wanted elctrostats for over 10 years and now I have got them! Power Cables are Belden E83754 StarQuad red with a switchable spiral ground with Watt Gate and Marinco plugs SPECS: descended from Statement E2 Descended from Statement E2, Prodigy establishes new standards in technology, performance, and aesthetics. Advances in our electrostatic transducer, a new multi-transformer design, and isolated high-pass/low-pass crossover result in increased efficiency, power handling, and bandwidth extension. Multi-laminate composite cabinetry integrates a matrix assembly for strength. Aluminum alloy head-piece and side plate, and extruded stator supports increase rigidity of the ESL frame assembly resulting in an utterly non-resonant high performance cabinet-providing luminous detail, and expanded dynamics. Innovative, ForceForward™ (patent pending) bass configuration utilizes dual aluminum and high rigidity fiber cone drivers in isolated chamber configuration. You experience unprecedented room/bass control with outstanding placement flexibility-clean, pure, powerful bass-everywhere. Prodigy sets the standards for living with sound. Available in matte black with a variety of hand-finished hardwood trim options, Prodigy is both single wire and bi-wire stereo capable. EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) High End Loudspeaker of the year, 2000-2001 Frequency Response: 28–22,000 Hz ± 3dB Dispersion Horizontal: 30 degrees Vertical: 4' (122cm) line source Sensitivity: 91 dB/2.83 volts/meter Impedance: 4 ohms, 1.0 at 20kHz Crossover Frequency: 250 Hz Components: Custom wound audio transformers, polypropylene capacitors, air core coils Woofer type: 10” (25.4cm) x 2 (per channel) cast basket, high excursion, high rigidity cone with extended throw driver assembly, non-resonant chamber format. Bass Control Switch: +3dB below 50Hz Power handling: 300 watts per channel Weight: 133 lbs/each (60kg) Dimensions: 67” H x 16.5” W x 28” D (170 x 42 x 71cm) ForceForward: the problem bass reflections... the solution ForceForward As long as recorded music has been enjoyed in the home, loudspeaker designers have faced the challenge of room interactions produced by bass frequencies which can color and alter the character of the music. These colorations are a natural occurrence of sound wave reflection and motion through any listening room. Remember that all speakers radiate bass frequencies in all directions—including behind the speaker. The low frequencies which are reflected from the front wall and back to the listening position, add to or subtract from the original audio material and chaotically interact throughout the listening environment. Typically, this produces a diminished signal—called a null—at about 50Hz and an enhanced signal—a peak—at around 100Hz.
    • Martin Logan Theater
    Very good center-Power Cables are Belden E83754 StarQuad red with a switchable spiral ground with Watt Gate and Marinco plugs SPECS: the reference electrostatic center channel From the beginning, the center channel has been recognized as the most critical element in any home theater and multi-channel music system. It grabs your attention, grounds the cinematic experience, and holds you in the moment. Designed and executed precisely, the center channel bridges the main channels and provides a seamless sound stage that tracks the cinematic environment—to perfection. This is exactly what MartinLogan Theater i was designed and manufactured to do—effortlessly. Theater i builds upon the foundation of the hugely successful Theater center channel loudspeaker by incorporating a myriad of design innovations including a Generation 2 stat panel featuring ClearSpar™ technology, MicroPerf stator, low-voltage DC power, and enhanced cabinet and stator finishes. The Theater i’s new Generation 2 stat panel incorporates a reformulation of our conductive coating and a new plasma deposition process. This refined thin film technology provides improved impedance tolerance and maximum adhesion and abrasion resistance. ClearSpar technology enhances Theater i’s transparent look and increases both efficiency and dynamics. The new MicroPerf design reduces the size of individual holes in the stator, allowing more openings compared to a traditional MartinLogan ESL transducer, maximizing efficiency of the Theater i’s small ESL transducer. Fusing this ultra high-performance Generation 2 CLS™ transducer with dual proprietary 6.5” shielded dynamic bass drivers and an innovative controlled dispersion array has resulted in a design capable of fully resolving any sound from the subtlest dialog to room-shaking effects. Theater i’s innovative controlled dispersion array minimizes destructive high-frequency room interaction. To eliminate the need for a traditional IEC power cord and significantly increase ease of installation, especially for custom applications, the Theater i features a low-voltage DC power supply. To further enhance custom application options, the Theater i ships with a multi-mount stand attached. Whether the Theater i is placed atop a rear projection TV, wall mounted under a plasma screen, or placed on the floor, the unit can be precisely aimed simply by adjusting the proprietary MartinLogan handgrips. Enhanced cabinet and stator finishes, standard on the Theater i, include the attractive and durable new semi-gloss black cabinet finish and shimmering, dark gray Meteor colored stators (the front and back perforated electrostatic panel elements). The Theater i is supplied with single-wire, high-resolution, proprietary toolless binding posts for effortless cable attachment and management. Frequency Response: 70–22,000 Hz ± 3 dB Dispersion: 30 degrees Sensitivity: 90 dB/2.83 volts/meter Impedance: 4 ohms, 3.1 @ 20 Hz Crossover Frequencies: 300, 3000 Hz Bass Drivers: Two 6.5” (16.5 cm) magnetically shielded. Non-resonant asymmetrical chamber format CLS™ Mid-range: Patented CLS™ electrostatic transducer High Frequency Drivers: Three 1" (2.5cm) soft dome, controlled dispersions array Power Handling: 250 watts/channel Weight: 57 lbs (26kg) Dimensions With mounting bracket: 13" H x 43" W x 11.5" D (33 x 109.2 x 29.2cm) Without mounting bracket: 10.5" H x 43" W x 11.5" D (26.7 x 109.2 x 29.2cm)
    • Martin Logan Script
    Great surrounds! -Shorten cables and added Marinco plugs SPECS: Design a pure, flexible surround speaker that perfectly matches with our floor standing models" ...that's exactly what we've done— marrying the performance of the Script with the lifestyle and video friendly look and styling of the popular new Clarity loudspeaker—and more. This versatile wall mount speaker excels as a stereo main, rear and side surround or in a multimedia configuration and can be driven to perfection by most AV receivers. The world's most accurate transducer—the patented MartinLogan CLS™ (curvilinear line source) ESL—has advanced to a new level and been blended seamlessly in this dramatically updated hybrid. The Script i’s new Generation 2 stat panel incorporates a reformulation of MartinLogan’s conductive coating and a new plasma deposition process. This refined thin film technology provides improved impedance tolerance and maximum adhesion and abrasion resistance. The new MicroPerf design reduces the size of individual holes in the stator, allowing more openings compared to a traditional MartinLogan ESL transducer, maximizing efficiency of the Script i’s small ESL transducer. ClearSpar™ technology enhances Script i’s transparent look and increases both efficiency and dynamics. The discretely sized Script i also features a state-of-the-art poly-cone woofer optimized for bass reflex design that delivers an accurate low-end response. To eliminate the need for a traditional IEC power cord and significantly increase ease of installation, especially for custom applications, the Script i features a low-voltage DC power supply. To further enhance custom applications, the Script i is only 7 inches deep when mounted on its pivoting wall-bracket (included with the Script i). Enhanced cabinet and stator finishes, standard on the Script i, include the attractive and durable new semi-gloss black cabinet finish and new shimmering, dark gray Meteor colored stators (the front and back perforated steel electrostatic panel elements). The Script i is available with three rail trim colors (silver, white bronze and black) and features single-wire, high-resolution binding posts for effortless cable attachment and management. Frequency Response: 70–20,000 Hz ± 3 dB Dispersion Horizontal: 30 degrees Vertical: 26" (94cm) line source Sensitivity: 89 dB/2.83 volts/meter Impedance: 6 ohms, 3 at 20kHz Crossover Frequency: 450 Hz Components: Minimal straight path design, air core coils Woofer type: 6.5" (16.5cm) mineral filled poly-cone with high damping rubber surround; non-resonance asymmetrical chamber format; bass reflex Power Handling: 150 watts/channel Weight: 25 lbs /each (11.4kg) Dimensions: 43.9" H x 10.2" W x 6.8" D (111.5 x 25.9 x 17.3cm)
    • Parasound HALO C-2
    C 2 Features:
    Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES, and Dolby Pro Logic II surround
    THX Ultra2 Certified with THX Surround EX
    7.5 Channel Enhanced Surround; 7.1 with 4 programmable outputs
    Additional DSP modes include Surround Music and Party
    Patented hybrid bass management prevents time smearing
    Automatic digital audio and video input selection
    Nine balanced outputs, two balanced inputs with XLR connectors
    Four audio only inputs plus a tape monitor/external processor loop
    Eight digital inputs; two digital outputs
    7.1 analog input with pure analog path, bypasses DSP
    Six audio/video inputs with composite and S-Video connectors
    3 composite video and 3 S-Video outputs: OSD, no OSD, record
    2 assignable component/RGB video inputs with separate H and V Sync
    1 component/RGB video output with separate H and V Sync
    BNC to RCA adapters are included for component video jacks
    Component inputs/output pass 1080i and 720p signals flawlessly
    Digital inputs and surround modes are assignable to sources
    Presets for optimum and analog input levels for various sources
    100% automatic calibration of channel levels and delay times
    Calibration microphone with 25’ cable included
    Dual zone control with analog audio and composite video outputs
    External IR input jacks for main and second zone
    Three 12v triggers, two programmable for events; wires included
    Fully upgradeable and controllable via two-way RS-232 port
    3u chassis, rack mountable
    Award winning customized MX-700 and Sidekick remotes included
    Parasound’s 10 years parts, 5 years labor warranty

    C 2 Specs:
    Frequency response: digital inputs 20 Hz - 42 kHz;
    analog inputs 20 Hz - 22 kHz;
    7.1 channel input 5 Hz - 200 kHz +0/-3 dB

    Total harmonic distortion: digital inputs [lessthansign].002%;
    analog inputs [lessthansign].002%;
    7.1 channel input [lessthansign].002%

    Signal to noise ratio: digital inputs 102 dB;
    analog inputs 98 dB;
    7.1 channel input 107 dB

    Maximum input levels: balanced 35 V rms;
    unbalanced 3.6 V rms;
    7.1 channel input 8 V rms

    Maximum output levels: balanced 16 V rms;
    7.1 channel outputs 8 V rms;
    programmable outputs 8 V rms

    Video bandwidth: composite and S-video (non OSD) 30 MHz;
    component video 300 MHz

    Dimensions: 17-1/4
    -Shorten cables and added Marinco plugs
    • Blanaced Power Technologies BPT-3.5
    The Model BP-3 Ultra features our 7.5-amp LoNo transformer from the BP-1 and our 2.5-amp LoNo transformers in one package. This unit is ideal for the front-end of larger systems or complete smaller systems with amps of up to 100wpc. Digital equipment can be completely isolated from the other components by plugging into the smaller transformer. There are 10 outlets total, usually wired with 4 on the smaller and 6 on the larger transformer, but custom factory wiring is available to accommodate your specific system needs [just give us a call]. Includes C-12 power cord. This unit is unique in having the smaller transformer piggy-backed to the larger transformer, giving you twice the isolation and power line filtering for your digital components. The benefits are an even lower noise floor with incredibly solid imaging and low-level detail.
    • Mitsubishi HC3000U DLP™
    Introducing a line of digital projectors designed for the cinematic connoisseur: the Mitsubishi HC3000U DLP™ projector with BrilliantColor™ technology from Texas Instruments.

    It delivers everything you would expect from a Mitsubishi home theater projector - long lamp life, low fan noise, and portability - but it's also setting new standards with innovative technology. The Mitsubishi HC3000U DLP™ projector, unlike other digital projectors, is able to produce a dramatic 4000:1 contrast ratio that accentuates deeper and darker tones to create an overall stunning visual experience with vivid images and brilliant colors.

    At the heart of the HC3000U is Texas Instruments’ state-of-the-art TI DarkChip2™ with the DDP3020 chip featuring BrilliantColor™. BrilliantColor™ is a new, cutting-edge technology that enables higher brightness, by boosting the midtone color levels, while providing truer, more vibrant colors for realistic and lifelike images. Be it sports, movies or television, the HC3000U can turn your home theater room into a virtual stadium, cinema, or studio.

    As soon as you switch it on, you’ll see it. And then you’ll understand. This is a product of tomorrow that brings home real entertainment today.
    • Adcom GFA-555 mkII
    I have had these two amps for 13 years! They are known for being a classic. Soon to be put out to pasture for some tubes! -Shorten cables and added Marinco plugs
    • Jamo SW-400e
    Active subwoofer with specially developed 8
    • Marinco Clear
    This hospital grade plug is perfect for the replacement or building your own audiophile grade power cords. Meets or exceeds hospital grade (green dot) UL tests. Perma-Lock™ Terminals actually
    • Adcom GFA-2535L
    Side Surround speakers and other two channles are bridge momo for the center speaker-Shorten cables and added Marinco plugs The GFA 2535 is really two GFA-535s in one, with the flexibility to drive three or four channels. With individual level controls for precise control of each amp's volume, it's the ideal foundation for an authentic, ultra-realistic surround sound theater system, or for a multi-room or multi-speaker audio system. A single switch on the GFA-2535's rear panel lets you select 4-channel operation, or bridge two of the channels for a 3-channel configuration. In the 3-channel mode, the GFA-2535 brings your home theater to life, delivering 200 watts of clean, distortion-free sound to the center channel, and 60 watts to each of the rear channels. Add it to your existing 2-channel amplifier and you'll be at the center of a superbly balanced, awesomely powered stage with sound so real you can practically touch it. For audio applications, the GFA-2535 in the 4-channel mode acts as a pair of 60 watts-per-channel amplifiers to drive two sets of speakers. With two of the channels bridged, it delivers 60 watts each to a pair of satellites, and 200 watts to a single subwoofer for an incredible display of musical strength so real you definitely can feel it. Three channels or four, home theater or home audio, the award-winning Adcom GFA-2535 gives you twice the versatility of ordinary amplifiers. And twice the value that has made Adcom famous.
    • Belden Belden Star Quad red E83754
    Blanaced StarQuad 11 AWG stranded (7x22) tinned copper conductors, FEP insulation, conductors cabled, 100% Beldfoil® shield with 85% tinned copper braid shield, FEP jacket.
    • Watt Gate ICE-Clear
    The 320 IEC connector is perfect for the replacement or building your own grade power cords. Heavy-duty vinyl connector body is available in black or clear. Perma-Lock™ Terminals actually
    • Adcom GFA-5200
    This is for the rear surround speakers-Shorten cables and added Marinco plugs GFA-5200 SPECIFICATIONS Number of channels 2 Watts per channel into 8 ohms 50 Watts per channel into 4 ohms 80 Number of output devices 4 Type of outputs MOSFET Power transformer Toroid Storage capacitance 27,000uF Input Sensitivity for 1 watt output 0.1 volts Input Sensitivity for full output .71 volts Damping factor 20Hz - 20kHz >260 Rise Time 5kHz, 20%-80% 1.1us Dynamic headroom into 4 ohms 2.2dB IM Distortion (SMPTE) l watt to full power into 8 ohms.....<0.07% 1 watt to full power into 4 ohms.....<0.07% IM Distortion (CCIF, Any Combination from 4kHz to 20kHz) full power into 8 ohms....<0.035% full power into 4 ohms.....<0.035% THD + Noise at full power into 8 ohms (Typical) 20Hz.....0.018% 1 kHz.....0.020% 10 kHz.....0.070% 20 kHz.....0.140% THD + Noise at full power into 4 ohms (Typical) 20 Hz.....0.018% 1khz.....0.020% 10 kHz.....0.080% 20 kHz......0.165% Frequency Response at 1 watt into 8 ohms (10Hz to 20kHz).....+0, -0.25dB Power Bandwidth (-3dB).....3Hz to 130kHz Gain.....29dB Input Impedance.....49.9K ohms Signal to Noise Ratio, "A" Weighted (full power into 8 ohms) .....> 98dB Power Consumption (Continuous, Both Channels Driven) Quiescent.....50VA Maximum.....600VA Full power 8 ohms.....325VA Full power 4 ohms.....480VA General Chassis Dimensions....3" x 17" x 11.375" Maximum Dimensions.....3.25" x 17" x 12.125" Weight.....17 lbs. Weight Packed.....22 lbs. Power (Available in 230VAC by special order).....115VAC - 50/60Hz
    • Panamax Max 1000+
    This is more of a power strip now-Shorten cables and added Marinco plugs
    • Adcom GCD-600
    -Shorten cables and added Marinco plugs

    This will be upgraded drastically! Any suggestions?
    • Sony DVD PlayerDVP-NS90V
    HDMI™technology/SA-CD Single Disc DVD PlayerDVP-NS90V Enhanced Sony® technology for your entertainment lifestyle. 720p/1080i Upscaling Video Output through HDMI™1 Connection DVD-RW/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD+R/DVD/DVD+R DL Playback2 12 Bit Video DAC with 108Mhz Processing SA-CD Playback Superior technology from a single disc DVD player. Sony's DVP-NS90V single disc DVD player packs three impressive technologies that enhance your movie and music experience. Sony's Precision Drive™ 3 System feature corrects warped disc's response for fewer image errors by adjusting the lens rather than the entire optical block for more accurate source playback. Other features such as the Precision Cinema Progressive™ Technology detect image changes at the pixel level instead of at the scan line level like most traditional DVD players do. By measuring algorithms, the DVP-NS90V adjusts for pixel behavior resulting in sharp backgrounds with moving objects that are virtually free from motion artifacts. The DVP-NS90V also offers MP3 Playback3 ,when using MP3 encoded discs, so you can select the perfect music folder to round out your day. • Precision Drive™ 3 System Past generations were only able to compensate for warped discs by moving the entire optical block, which took more time and limited the amount of correction possible. Sony's new Precision Drive™ 3 system simplifies the process by moving the lens-instead of the entire optical block-for faster and more accurate error correction. • Precision Cinema Progressive™ Technology Other DVD players detect image changes at the scan line level-Sony's Precision Cinema Progressive (PCP) system detects them at the pixel level. The picture is more faithful to the source-whether film or video-because separate, optimized algorithms are used to handle the differing pixel behavior. Separate algorithms are also used to process the moving and still parts of an image, resulting in sharp backgrounds with moving objects that are virtually free from motion artifacts. • MP3 Playback3 Playing MP3 Music on aSony® DVD player is easy. Just insert an MP3 encoded disc and press MENU. A blue screen pops up to display your folders. Scroll down the list using the remote or front panel cursor control to select the folder you want. The green files screen pops up to show the files in the selected folder. Select the file you want to hear and you're done. Finding music couldn't be easier. • 720p/1080i Upscaling of Video and delivery through HDMI™1 Connection • DVD-RW (Video Mode/VR mode w/CPRM) DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD+R Playback2 • 12 Bit Video DAC with 108Mhz processing • SA-CD Playback • MP3 Playback3 (CD-R.RW, DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW) • JPEG (CD-R/RW, DVD+RW/+R/-R/-RW, Kodak) 4 • CD (CD/CD-R/CD-RW)/VCR/SVCD5 • A/V Sync Allows for the alignment of the audio track to match the video - Necessary for some newer televisions that have video buffers or delays. • 192 kHz 24 Bit Digital to Analog Converter • Dolby® Digital and dts® through Coaxial and 5.1 Analog • Quick Set-Up • Custom Parental Control- 40 Discs • Remote Control with Limited TV Control Compatible with many but not all Major Brands • Child Lock (Tray Lock) • DVD/CD Text • Multi-Disc Resume- 6 Discs • TV Virtual Surround - 5 Surround Modes • Custom Picture Mode • Title and Chapter Viewer • Advanced SmoothScan™ and SmoothSlow modes • Instant Replay and Instant Search • Full 3-2 Reverse Conversion • Fast Play with Audio • Slow Play with Audio • Video Equalizer • Background Graphics • Variable Coefficient Filter • FL Off gives you the ability to turn off the front display. • Separate Speaker Settings
    • Monster Cable M 2.4's
    Bi-Wire speaker cables-The Grey snake!
    • Ultralink Custom Matrix MVR

    Heavy-duty 24k gold contacts for high conductivity connections
    Double shielded construction for maximum rejection of EMI and RFI
    N2 injected dielectric insulation for ultra-low signal loss
    Ultra-pure 6N (99.9998%) OFHC copper center conductors for accurate signal transfer
    Available in 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 and 4 meter lengths
    • Ultralink Custom Ultima XLR42
    XLR Cables that run to my mains:

    Our finest audio interconnect cable represents a new benchmark in design and sonic performance.
    Dual balanced audio interconnect cable with Time-Aligned™ multiple-gauge 6N OFHC copper conductors
    Two-conductor twisted-pair configuration with proprietary winding geometry comprised of three precisely wound wire networks with a single large conductor for deep bass; six intermediate sized conductors for the critical mid-range and ultra-fine strands to transfer the delicate high frequencies for the ultimate in musical balance.
    Ultra-low capacitance micro-porous Teflon® insulation for faster signal transfer
    Double shielded with full aluminum mylar foil coverage and 95% braid 6N OFHC copper shield grounded at source end.
    Terminated with precision-machined; high-performance balanced XLR connectors.
    Attractive TechFlex® braiding protects cable jacket from damage.
    • Sony DRN – XMO 1MK2 XM Radio receiver
    DRN – XMO 1MK2 XM Radio receiver
    • Da-lite Cosmopolitan
    • Dish 411 HD Receiver Dish 411 HD
    Select the on-screen message or issue that you need assistance with
    Go to the receiver's remote home page
    Use interactive receiver menus
    Research information on additional equipment
    Learn How To's
    View installation information
    Find additional receiver features and information

    Receiver Features
    EPG Functions

    Channel Surfing Enhancements Explain

    Customers can select to skip
    • Ultralink Custom - Ultralink Audiophile MK II
    RCA cables-Custom - Ultralink Audiophile MK II
    • Ultralink Custom – Matrix MX
    MVS: S-Video


    Heavy-duty 24k gold contacts for high conductivity connections
    Double shielded construction for maximum rejection of EMI and RFI
    N2 injected dielectric insulation for ultra-low signal loss
    Ultra-pure 6N (99.9998%) OFHC copper center conductors for accurate signal transfer
    Available in 1, 2, 4, 6 and 10meter piece
    • UltraLink Pro Platnium 26ft
    Ultralink is one of today's fastest growing brands of high performance audio and video cable and connection products in the North American market and ... international scene. PRODUCT FEATURES: Heavy-duty injection-molded connectors with Ultralink proprietary gold-plated contacts to ensure low-loss, non-corrosive, high conductivity connections; Ultra-low capacitance nitrogen-injected dielectric insulation for maximum signal transfer in high-speed, full-bandwidth digital multimedia connections.
    • Lumar 1 CL Black
    Cable lifters
    • Ultralink CCS-1M
    S-video/RCA converter CCS-1M
    • Jamo JCB -4
    Infrared repeater –
    For connecting four emitters and power supply to Jamo IR receivers

    Adapts to three conductor wire

    Requires PS-1 power supply
    • Mitsubishi VCR
    Got to keep the old school stuff just incase someone breaks out a VCR tape!
    • Jamo 6.5 K4
    KEVLAR 4 SERIES 6.5 K4 6 1/2

Comments 80

I have to say that "i would kill "for that room of yours.I know the importance the room can play.Not to dis your equipment,which is wonderful.I hope it brings you hours of pleasure-along with your daughter.Happy listening.


Trackmagic, Allow me to make a suggestion that you will NEVER, EVER regret if you follow through: Buy yourself a Supratek tube preamp (they only do tubes). The CHENIN model, or for much more money, the GRANGE model, would be a blessing to your system. These preamps are astonishingly brilliant---great base, glorious mid and highs. And an incredible bargain. Plus, they are all handmade. Look them up on their web page, try Supratek Chenin ($2900 brand spanking new). Don't buy anything else until you read reviews.

Sincerely, [email protected]


Good afternoon.

Thanks for the thoughts on the system. On the power cords, I hate to say it but I didn't notice a difference so to speak. My thoughts are this: I did run the power wires 1 foot apart and not near anything, I also ran a power conditioner. Here is the bad part, the system is only as good as it's weakest link and that is the standard power wires in the walls. So I did the change over more for esthetics than the actual sound improvement. The plugs have screw connectors and shields so there was no wiring. On The Adcom's, I took them apart and soldered the new wires to the amp itself.

Here are some sources for the cable:


I used a high end power wire to wrap around the outside of the tubing on the belden wire. The clear tube is just tubing from Home Depot or Lowe's that you would run water through it.

It is always fun to mess around with this stuff.

I pray that helps!

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eFax 270.477.3646
An Inc. 500 Company
Trusted Human Capital Advisors

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From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
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To: [email protected]
Subject: Your power cords and my stuff!!

TO: Trackmagic

I am really impressed with your own power cords!! Do you do anything else when connecting to plugs?? Shrink wrap ends, solder connections w/or/w/out screw connecting etc. Marinco Clear, Belden Star Quad red E83754, and Watt Gate ICE-Clear is the trick ehh!! How long cords did you make on average? Did you discern immediate difference after you connected? Where did you get plugs from and I am especially interested where you got cable from?($100 was for how many ft. of cable?) I am running a lot of Adcom's in my home theatre also, including the GFA-2535L's(2 of them). I use those for my surrounds also, but I biamp the surrounds and backs--bridge the 200 watts to bass only and the remaining 60 watt channels to highs and mids.(I use 3-ways for surrounds--fantastic difference from 2-way's, but only 2-way for backs as not much processed there) I have a GFA-5802 for my fronts and a GFA-5800 for the center(bi-amped with each channel). I use a Parasound HALO C-2 also--convenient to ut!
ilize balanced outputs as the 5802 and 5800 both have balanced inputs. I use all Snell's for speaks--XA reference for fronts--LCR2800 for center-- AMC900THX Ultra II 3-way in wall speakers for surrounds-- and Type Q for backs. I built a 28'X32' addition w/slanted cathedral design, Wall mounted Pioneer 60" plasma, 2-Velodyne 15" subs, Adcom tuner, and a Sony DVD player finish it out for me on major components and yes--I went hardwood floors(Didn't regret that!!)Very warm, dynamic sound from everything. I prefer Direct TV in my area, however. Mike


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System edited: I updated the pictures with new ones, added a few decorations


Good evening. To answer the question below: is where I got the cables from and the plugs came from: Both have worked very well and have exceeded my expectations. I don't want to put anything that is better quality than that is in the wall. I say this with a disclaimer, if you go too far and put these ridiculous power cables plugged into a regular socket with regular power wires in the wall, you won't do anything but make your plugs look nicer!

Hope that helps,

Take care,


TO: Trackmagic

Where did you buy this? Did you use this with the Marinco Plug and Watt Gate ICE? How does it work?


FROM: Chbernat (a member)

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Mon Dec 25 18:43:01 2006


Sorry for the delay, I have not logged on in a while. Thanks for the kudos and thoughts on the cables. I am looking for some changes there in the next few months.

Take care,


Hi, I visited your system a while ago. Have you considered replacing your ic's and sc's? You cannot even imagine how much you're missing ... try the Kubala cables.

good luck


Your system looks familiar. I have a 7.1 system with Pioneer Elite rear projector TV and all speakers are Martin Logans. Like you I chose Prodigy and Theater at the front, Scripts at the rear surround location and I use Ascent's for the rear left and right and a Descent sub. All powered by Rotel gear (1095 and 1090 amps) w/ a RSP1098 processor. The best thing about the 1098 is that I can have my CCTV security cameras on the front screen! VERY NICE to keep an eye on the doors while a movie or tunes are rockin' the house. Enjoyed reading about what you have done! Very nice indeed! Glad to see another ML fan out there!


Hi, nice set up...looks like you also got the mysteriouse orb's in some of your pictures.


Thanks for the idea of the Newcastle.

Take care,


I don't know what you've done so far as I just noticed this awesome system on Audiogon today, 08/04. I love the ideas for the room; very important. If you haven't "pulled the trigger" yet, you may want to think about the Pathos Acoustics Logos or even the Cinema X. Incredible sound and build quality, plus saves you money. Also, my advice is to forget the Denon; take a look at the Sherwood Newcastle SD-870. Same processing, nicer looks, lower price. (Sherwood builds the 2900 and many other components for Denon anyway.)


System edited: I changed my Sony CD player, the other one crashed after one year. This is temporary until I upgrade to a Denon 5910 with mods done by PARTS CONNEXION replacing the output stage with tubes. I also added a Ultralink Pro HDMI cable. I was running component before, BIG difference!


System edited: I added some rear speakers for 7.1 surround, they are in ceiling and add a great amount of demension to the sound while watching a video!


System edited: I changed projectors to a Mitsubishi HC3000U DLP™ projector.


Very nice. I just got the new M.L. Summit and run them on two McIntosh 402's on mono at 800 watts a channel along with 2 McIntosh LS 360's. I am going to wood panel my whole living room sound area,bring your own chair,this floor is for dancing,lol


System edited: Added another amp that I am interested in fo my mains. VTL 750's. Anyone had any experience with these amps? How about these amps with Electrostats or specifically ML Prodigy's? If so, have you ran SS amps against them? Standing by, Jeremy


Bruce, did you have actual Adcom amps as well? J


I run Acoustat Spectra3 electrostats and I am extremely pleased with the Conrad Johnson MF-2300 I discovered. It has good reserve power, handles the difficult impedance, and doesn't add harsh edginess. It was a great upgrade from the Adcom 555.


I am working on the dampening material in the next few months and should have some new pictures soon.

Thanks for the thoughts.




I wont give Mnglwd high honors for diplomacy or sensitivity, but I think he makes a very good point.

Trackmagic, it is great to see you so enthusiastic and I hope you are having a lot of fun with your system.

I hope your room also "sounds" great, but I would agree that some of the treatments, as described, make some of the wackier tweaks on this forum seem like simple science.

So I hope you werent overhyped or overcharged for your room treatments by your dealer.

And if so, I agree, we should add him to the audio dealer hall of shame.

Have you added any dampening material behind the speakers?


I use innersound on my Martin Logan Quests and am happy. save yourself some monet and pick up a used mk II


Thanks for the insightful feedback. No changes yet due to a baby coming in two months...Take care, Jeremy


Very nice system! It's really cool how you've integrated great looks with the unquestionably great sound. I have also made the switch to tubes from SS, one piece at at a time with absolutely no regrets. Your MLs are some very revealing speakers, so I can understand your concern with noise from the tubes. All in all, I believe that tubes being noisy is an old tale that stemmed from old console radios and PA amps, etc. They would have transformer hum and such. All of the new designs for high end audio have much, much stricter tolerances, a few being choke- filtered and have very good power supplies. Microphonics in the tubes themselves are a different story, just make sure the tubes you're using are up to par with the equipment and application.
I am now using a tube preamp with a hybrid tube/ mosfet power amplifier and Magnepan IIIAs (which are also very revealing) and the system is dead silent with no input. No hum, no hiss or anything else to speak of. The Wolcotts you are considering would be a superb match for the Logans IMO. Especially bi-amping. I actually upgraded from the Adcom '555II to my current amp- all I have to say is that you are in for a VERY pleasant surprise. Yes, the old Adcom is considered a classic of sorts, but in my experience, my system sounds 5 times as good with the hybrid tube amp- no exageration. Good luck in the journey.


Trackmagic - I finally got off my butt and put my system up. You can see the Auralex behind the SL3's. Big difference - highly recommended.
Mnglwd - Having a nice Friday? nice post. BTW, the earth really is round you know - oh never mind.


I hate to be Hans Christian Andersen here, but you've been sold some new clothes there, Emperor. Everyone else has taken the "ignorance is bliss" path, but I thought you might appreciate some honesty.

On a scale of lies where 1 is "I didn't inhale (nudge, wink)" and 10 is "They're trying to build a nuclear bomb with those aluminum rods," I rank the lies you've been sold thusly (with remarks):

1. Dry wall can be tuned for best acoustic effect. (Ok, you can take an extra hour to finish the job.)

3. Slanted front ceiling creates "megaphone effect." (Just like Carnegie Hall!)

5. Light reflecting qualities of paint correspond to sound reflecting qualities. (Gee, I guess I never thought about it.)

9. Polyurethane on studs creates "musical transducer effect." (Uh, how's that again?)

9. Polyurethane turns studs into "softer pulp inner core just like an instrument." (Whatever, here's my checkbook.)

10. The blinds on your windows "act as filters of the sound waves. They let most of the sound through, it reflects off the window and hits the blinds, again defused reflected or released from the window area." (I realize putting electrostatic speakers in front of a wall of glass is about as awful as can be imagined, but, please, tell me something, anything, so I can stay in denial.) (See 1/14/05 posting.)

On the other hand, if your entire post was a parody of all the b.s in high end audio, I applaud you. If not, please post how much additional money you spent on the items I noted above and let me know the name of your dealer so I can make sure to tell everyone what a [email protected] he is. For a $50 tweak, go buy $50 of heavy blankets at Wal-Mart. Hang them over the windows behind the speakers. Listen for a while, then call your salesman pal.


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