I have to put new pictures up one day .These are outdated and incomplete.My digital camera has decided to call it quits,,pics will have to wait.If its not one ting,its an udda!

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    • Harmonic Precision Caravelle
    monitors with dedicated stands
    • Audio Concepts Force
    10" downfiring sub,Arch. Black,Sounds great!Texture,slam,tone,blends in very well with my Caravelles
    • Supratek Chardonnay
    2pc pre,Very happy with this pre!Gets music right!
    • PS Audio Trio-A-100
    150 WPC class D amp,very good sounding amp,sounds better than it should for price.No hurry to upgrade,but eventually will.
    • VPI Industries scout
    basic scout
    • VPI Industries jmw 9
    jmw 9
    • Jolida JD 9
    Tube powered phono preamp
    • ZYX R100H
    MC cart,Love the sound !!!Very quiet in the grooves,great tracker
    • Magnum Dynalab FT-101a
    • G&D Reference
    • stax srm/1 mk11
    headphone amp
    • Sonoran Plateau
    10ft pr
    • Purist Audio Musaeus
    1 meter RCA
    • signal cable magic power cord
    4 ft
    • apature black beauty
    6 ft
    • apature black beauty
    • stereovox HDSE
    Analog IC
    • Stereovox HDXV
    Digital cable
    • VH Flavor 1
    6FT power cable
    • DCCA Powerwave
    6ft powercord
    • Audio Magic Stealth
    3 duplex outlets ,The real deal!Everything sounds better!
    • Chang Lightspeed 3200
    power conditioner
    • vpi 16.5
    record cleaner
    • Audio Points 1.0AP1D APCD2
    1" Points and coupling disc,Better clarity,tighter bass

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Thanks for posting your system. I'm pulling the trigger on some CJ gear, and I appreciated your system and the comments to help me decide. PV-15 (no phono stage yet, but CJ said they'd put one in for me) and an MF-2500A. The girlfriend and I don't have speakers yet, but we have a couple of pairs we like: JM Labs 1027 Be, Paradigm Studio 100s and Acoustic Zen Adagios. Don't think we can go wrong.

Anyway, nice setup, and thanks for posting.