I spend a lot of time at my desk so I listen to this system most of the time. Loving the LS50's in the nearfield. Utilizing JRiver Media Center with mostly Flac files to the PSA PWD.

SanDisk Extreme PRO 240GB SSD + Samsung Seagate HN-M201RAD Momentus SpinPoint ST2000LM003 2TB HDD -> Flac -> JRiver 21 -> optimized /w Fidelizer Pro -> Supra USB -> UpTone Audio USB Regen -> Hard adapter -> PS Audio Perfect Wave II 2.4.3 -> Discovery Plus 4 XLR -> Parasound Halo -> KEF LS50 (IsoAcoustic stands) + HSU STF-1 Sub x 2.

 ~ OR ~ Same source to: Icon Audio HP8 MKII/Lyr > TH-X00 / LCD2.2f / K712 / SRH1540 / HD650.

Also utilizing Fidelizer Plus developed by WindowsX, as well as the Uptone Regen which has brought my enjoyment of this system to much higher level.


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    • Kef LS50
    Uni-Q Concentric tweeter
    • HSU STF-1 Sub
    • Velodyne Impact 10
    10" side firing
    • Parasound Halo Integrated Amp
    • PS Audio PerfectWave II, 2.4.3 firmware
    Awesome DAC
    • JRiver 21 Media Center
    ~11,000 Music files, (313 GB) as of 12/15
    • Schiit Uber Bifrost
    • Icon Audio HP8 MKII
    Dedicated tube headphone amp
    • Schiit Audio Lyr
    Dedicated hybred headphone tube amp
    • Sennheiser HD650
    Circumaural headphones
    • Audeze LCD 2
    Planar magnetic circumaural headphone
    • AKG K712
    Circumaural headphones
    • Ultimate Ears UE6000
    Full size circumaural
    • Ultimate Ears UE TF10
    • Westone W4R
    • Vsonics GR07 BE
    • Sony MDR 7550
    • Schiit Magni
    SS Headphone Amp
    • Schiit Modi
    • Fostex TH-X00 Headphones
    • Shure SRH1540 Headphones

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Congrats on an awesome setup!  I am also considering LS50s for my desktop system, and my main concern was how close they would have to be to the wall, very similar to what is shown in your picture.  Are you using the port plugs?  Have you noticed any ill-effects due to the placement?


Awesome! More pics ......please........!!


System edited: Added headphone equipment.


Thanks Devilboy. Since putting this desktop system together I rarely listen to headphones any more. I only pull them out when I need to listen privately, and when I do, I grab my HD650's probably 80% of the time. They just seem to have a sound I could listen to all day and are comfortable to boot. I agree, the Audeze's are not the most comfortable to wear for extended times, but I really like their signature.

Other cans I have owned then sold or returned are:
HE-500 - Had to crank up the volume too much for them to really come alive.
ESP-950 - Kinda boring (IMO)
T1 - Too bright (IMO)
DT880 - Too bright (IMO)
HD600 - Too boring (IMO)
HE400 - Kinda wished I had kept them...
AH-D2000 - Missing some detail, highs rolled off (IMO)

I have always wanted the HD800's but I'm afraid I'd be one of the ones who think they would be too bright.

I have some Tinnitus and headphones seem to exacerbate it more than speakers, so I opt to listen to the LS50's most of the time. Because of that, I plan to put most of my headphone equipment up for sale here and/or Head-Fi sometime in the future.


Hi. Very nice system you've put together there! Just curious, which of your headphones do you prefer overall? I'm assuming that since you have muyltiple head amps, you have some cans that you prefer on one of the other amps? I've purchased and rented two Audeze 'phones....the LCD 2 Rev2 and just recently the LCD-X. I've also rented the Hifiman (I forget the model.....600 I think. One below their top of the line). Anyway, I didn't care for the Audeze at all. They emphasized the bass which took away from the other frequencies. Also, I thought the 2 Rev2s were heavey but MY GOD!!! The LCD-X was like two cinder blocks on my ears with a C-clamp as the headband. I simply can't believe Audeze sells any of these things.
I ultimately decided to purchase Sennheiser HD800s. Many say they are bright and I understand why, but I'm fine with them. The soundstaging blows away any other headphone I've heard a wide margin, actually.


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