I listen 30-50 hours a week at work and never get tired. This system is totally non-fatiguing, clean, crisp and clear. No hiss or hum from this vintage amp.

Obviously mid-range is what this is all about. However, the bass will blow your mind due to the 1/4 wave design. Highs are really nice for no tweeter.

I use high def music as much as possible-you can easily hear the difference.

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    • Schiit Bifrost
    Bifrost DAC with Music Fidelity V-Link 24/96 to allow for USB connection.
    • Music Hall Trio-modded
    CD/Tuner/Pre fully modded by Chris Johnson
    • Acer Laptop
    Samsung SSD hard drive running Foobar and Media Player.
    • Masterwork Integrated Tube amp
    Early 60's tube amp. Made by Pilot for the Masterwork name. Running 6GW8 output tubes for a beautiful 10.5 watts per channel.
    • Merrill Zigmahornet
    Full range single driver speakers. Quarter wave design. Uses single 4
    • Adcom ACE 515

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