This was just supposed to be my second system, but it is clearly superior to my HT/Music combo at home. The biggest improvement is the Linn Majik floor standing speakers. I got them in a great deal on Audiogon and replaced my old Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rods. The difference is mind blowing. I love these speakers. I need to clear a little furniture out of my office and do some minor acoustic treatment (it's all hard surfaces - wood floors, plaster walls, tall ceilings), but this system sounds great with every type of music. I wish I had a place to fit these speakers at home!

My primary source is streaming music. I was using MOG with great results. I'm now splitting between Beats Music (not as good quality as MOG) and Qobuz (even better quality than MOG).

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    • Apple MacBook Pro Retina 15
    Laptop as source
    • Pangea Audio USB Cable
    USB Cable
    • Wadia 121 Decoding Computer
    DAC with digital volume control
    • Kimber Kable Hero
    • Bel Canto Design REF500S
    Class D
    200W into 8ohms
    • Hovland Nine Lines
    Silver-plated copper wire, twisted pair
    • Linn Majik 140
    Floor standing full range

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I love the Bel Canto. Effortless but refined. I also like that it is compact and doesn't even get remotely warm. (Again, I'm not a good reviewer.)


How do you like your Bel Canto 500S? It's my target amp when replacement is needed down the road.


I just re-read my last response. I'm terrible at describing audio equipment! Sorry.


The Majiks have a very full sound with a lot of weight to them, without any boom or excessive bass. The bass reaches nice and low and clear, while the highs are silky smooth and sing without any hint of shrillness. In typical Linn fashion the speakers are very neutral and, to my ears, very natural sounding. I find a lot of speakers to be fatiguing, but not these.

Anyway, at this price point, I like them a lot.

If you do a google search about MOG vs. Beats, you will see a lot of threads on other forums corroborating my opinion that the sound quality is not as good on Beats. There is more to sound than kpbs. One poster analyzed the sound waves and confirmed that Beats is more compressed in some ways.

As for Qobuz, they offer both 16/44 and hi-res streaming of some tracks, depending on your subscription level. You can try it for free for 2 weeks. I highly recommend it.


Great system you have!
I have always wondered about how good the Linn Majik 140s were? What particularly do you like about them?

My digital is primarily streaming too. Mostly sonos and sometimes oppo for blu ray audio. I used MOG too and now its either beats or spotify. In your opinion, what about beats dont you like? they seem to offer 320 kpbs over wifi. also does qobuz offer 16/44 quality?


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