Stunning dynamics and fantastic resolution. This system took several iterations to arrive here. It's a 23' x 23' half basement space and it was a struggle to get the bass right in this room. Multi subs proved to be the best solution.

As close as I can get to live music in my house. I simply love playing tunes on this setup while partying, entertaining guests, playing pool etc. I must say that it is equally good for critical listening. Hoping to upgrade cartridge and phono pre sometime this year.

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    • Sonos Connect
    My second zone. Streams flac files from my NAS and pulls so many internet radio stations. My favorite internet station is MOG (320kpbs via WiFi)
    • Centrance DAC mini
    Class A stereophile DAC. Superb resolution.
    • Thorens TD-125 mkII
    with SME3009 tonearm. Awesome vintage spinner.
    • Sutherland PH3D
    Battery MM MC phonostage
    • Klipsch Cornwall II
    Very good dynamics, excellent resolution and clear midrange. Definitely devoid of the horn coloration that people associate with Klipsch horn based speakers.
    • Behringer ULTRADRIVE PRO DCX2496
    Digital crossover for subwoofers
    • Crown International XLS1000
    Pro amp for driving L & R channel subwoofers
    • DIY subwoofers Eminence Lab 12
    Four subwoofers. 2 per channel. Explosive low level slam that isn't just loud. Blends very well with the mains.
    • NAD NAD C326BEE
    Integrated amplifier 50wx2
    • Clearaudio Maestro wood
    • Pi speakers 4 Pi Superb midrange and resolution

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Really nice system, and it caught my attention because of your integration of your subs with analog. I have just added DIY subs, and my subs are also inside of my speakers. I only have two subs, but I have a problem with low level oscillation under certain conditions. Everyone is pointing to mechanical or airborne feedback through my turntable. So, I can reproduce the oscillation by just sitting my stylus on the record surface with the turntable off. My main mono blocks are also off, so my turntable is providing the source only to the sub plate amps through my preamplifier. As, I turn up the volume of my sub amps, the subs will start oscillating at about half volume. Have you ever experienced an oscillation problem with your setup?


System edited: System update: Added clearaudio maestro wood and moved the sutherland 20/20 from my main system to this system. This clearaudio MM rivals my DV20x2L in detail and dynamics. Of all the carts I have owned, only the DV XX2MK2 MC beats this clearaudio.


System edited: Added the NAD C326BEE integrated amp. I wasn't unhappy the marantz quality. Just that it had only one aux input and a phono. So it would require me to disconnect interconnects to switch between other inputs. Great convenience with the NAD's multiple inputs.


Mostly, the Cornscala Type D will be less colored and more coherent. The dynamics of the pi speakers are probably compromised by the heavier woofer and more complex crossover. Mass loaded (i.e. all direct radiating cones and domes) have a direct relationship between mass, suspension compliance, and resonant frequency, so there is basically a trade off between speed and low frequency extension. Subs make poor upper bass drivers; mid-woofers will have poor extension. If the woofer in the mains is augmented with subwoofers (plural), then only extending to 50-80hz is OK.


Also would be interested in a further description of the sound differences between cornscala and the Cornwall. Is there improved resolution, coherence and dynamics?


Thanks David. I did initially consider the Cornscala type D but built myself Wayne Parham's 4 pi speakers. I know I am a speaker hoarder! The 4 pis do sound smoother than Cornwalls, but dynamics from the Cornwalls can scare the crap out of someone! It really sounds like live music. So depending on the mood I switch between the Cornwalls and 4 pis.

I did try tubes viz, the Jolida 302CRC with SED Winged C EL34s, KT77s and even KT 150s. Pre tubes were NOS Mullard CV4004s and Cv4024s. They only sounded a smidgen better in the highs than the vintage Marantz and my main system's Arcam A28. I sold my Primaluna Prologue 2 to try the Jolida 302CRC. Wish I hadn't done that. But I sold all my tube gear now. If only the lower end Primalunas came with pre outs to run subs.

For the phono pre I am thinking about trying the Musical Sounding Phonomena II. I have also tried the Sutherland PH3D from my main system (take a look at that one too) and found it to be so much cleaner sounding. Also I am tying a Grado Reference Platinum which should be arriving this weekend.

BTW you have two very nice setups too. Love seeing that Steinway!


Great system; more thought, less money. Multiple subwoofers are the way to go!

You might try:

Crites Spekers Cornscala Type D Cornwall derivative.

Better, cleaner amplification; possibly tubes, but watch impedance interaction. Low output impedance, high input impedance, i.e. a bridging interface. And cathode followers are not to be trusted.

What phono gear are you contemplating?



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