The electronics in this system has changed around several times over the past few years, starting from:

1. Totally cool looking Flat maple Fleawatt with cigar box speakers into an Ipod

2. Optonica SM1515B old school integrated amp with analog power meters

3. Zebrawood 7297 Fleawatt with Aric Audio tube preamp

4. Onix OA 20/2 integrated amp

5. Dual chassis custom 3886 Chip amp

6. Denon DRA-700 receiver 

7.  Tandberg TIA-3012 int amp

I've dug all the changes I've made.  More pictures to follow soon.

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    • Kenwood KD-5070
    fully automatic TT w/marble composite plinth
    • Onix OA-20/2
    beautifully built & sounding 30 wpc Brit int amp
    • OPPO DV-970 dvd/cd player
    DVD/CD player
    • Pioneer TX-8500II
    AM/FM tuner
    • Aiwa ADF-660
    Mint condition 3 head cassette deck
    • Canton Plus S
    • Atlantic Technologies 162 PBM
    • Target 3 shelf stand
    • Radio Shack 14 awg spkr wire
    pure copper + Straightwire Encore IC's & silver IC's
    • Fostex P1000-BH


    • Tandberg TIA-3012 Integrated Amp
    100 wpc Mosfet Integrated Amp
    • Thorens TD-125 mkII
    Turntable with Rega RB-303 arm and upgraded brass counter weight
    • Creek CAS-3140
    Analog FM tuner with DIN to RCA output
    • Salamander Designs Archtype
    28" audio rack with 5 shelves

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