this my second system, mainly for listening to the radio and watch movies. I am a vintage hifi passionate, so i didn't make any compromise in selecting my equipement. I searched long and hard for this sony pair especially whit the wood cases. They really are my favorite of all the vintage. Then after came all the work of rebuilding them...The furniture was built especialy to fit them. The yamaha speakers are a long time favorite of mine,i fine tuned them for my room. Their great for so many things; classical,jazz,movies,rock and partys,of course i dont plan to ad any subwoofer... Thanks for looking,feel free to leave any comments. Jd

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    • Sony ta-1120
    The very first sony transistor amplifier from 1965,completely recapped with audio grade capacitors,the rest is all original and didn't need any change,no noise, no grain, just 60 watts of very sweet music, if you find one just buy it!
    • Sony st-5000w
    the very first and best ever tuner from sony from 1965, completely recapped and aligned,unbelievaible sound and performance,sound is clean as cd player, warm and detailed
    • Panasonic dmp-bdt210
    superb blue-ray player with excellent sound and image resolution,very nice sound even as a cd player,at 262$ a steal!
    • Yamaha ns-690 series3
    yamaha ns-690 from 1979 little brother of the ns-1000, softer and warmer. The crossovers have been rebuilt to specs,woofer have new surrounds and trimming pots bypassed with metal oxide resistors
    • Panasonic tc-p42s30
    plasma tv,how they can make a tv of this quality for so cheap is beyond me,such nice colors!
    • digiflex studioflex
    professionnal interconnects with Canare6 cable and neutrik plugs,inexpensive and a lot of performance
    • Supra cables 2.5
    2.5mm of very high quality copper, comes coted with silver so it never oxide(a la Van den hul)ideal for small speaker plugs on vintage equipement

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Love the Sony's!!!