Started out with a simple system to listen to while working, and look at what i ended up with *giggle*

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    • Thorens TD-124 mkII
    Schopper rebuilt
    • Lenco L75
    Rebuilt by Steve Dobbins, and the plinth is one of his first for Lenco L75.
    • Wadia 170i
    Made for iPod
    • Akai GX-747d
    Sounds better than Teac X200R
    • Tascam BR-20
    2 track, 1/4in master recorder.
    • deHavilland Electric Amp UltraVerve 3 Remote
    6SN7 preamp. Lovely midrange!
    • Eastern Electric MiniMax Phono
    Point to point wiring, solid piece of gear. Sounds great too!
    • Air Tight ATM-2
    Audio jewelry! Point to point wiring, look as good as it's sound!
    • Harbeth Super HL5
    One of the most natural, box-less sounding monitor with a midrange to die for!

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Looks like you have stereo up in the heavens. Great too see the reel to reels as part of your very sweet system.