Low power system based on the efficiency of the ZUs, the 9 watts of the SE9 are more than enough in this room. I have not had a chance to do serious listening since setting up the Omens, first impressions are positive. Plenty of bass which was one of my main concerns. Still awaiting the arrival of the NFB-11, for now using the audio out of the airport express. I went with the NFB-11 due to its use of the ESS Sabre 9018 chip, this should improve the resolution substantially over the jitter prone audio out of the AE. Music can be streamed to both systems simultaniously, the difference between the two is quite dramatic to say the least.

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    • Apple Macbook
    Same as main rig, streaming wirelessly to Airport Express in both rooms.
    • Apple Airport Express
    Feeding DAC using mini toslink optical out.
    • Audio-GD NFB-11
    New DAC/preamp combo that utilizes the latest ESS Sabre 9018 chip. Circuitry is fully discrete with no feedback and no opamps used in the signal path.
    • Norh SE-9
    Single ended 9 watt amp utlilzing EL34 tube to achieve the output power. FIrst rate build quality and very nice industrial design at this price point.
    • Zu Omen
    Zu full ranger.
    • Spetlz Anti Cables
    Used to as a good comparison tool while finishing up development of my own cables.

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nice and simple. looks like a great place to listen. nicely done.