Second system in a relatively small room. MC4 plugged to a PS Audio UO. Zu Birth and Canare 4S11 cables. Music files in lossless format.

The MC4 is quite a stunner. Picked it up on a whim after hearing it paired with a System Audio SA705 monitors, blew me away. Kept it in storage until now. Synergy with the 301-AV Monitor is superb. The 301-AV Monitor was a limited-edition model manufactured only in 1998 and designed specifically as studio reference monitors.

I'm aware the Bose brand is disdained by many enthusiasts who delight in calling themselves "audiophiles". I'm not going there. When I first heard the 901's back in the mid-70's at a friend's place I liked what I heard. However, I wouldn't give the same praise for their lifestyle products currently in the market.

The other system sits on the opposite side of the room. Tara Labs cables end-to-end.

The sound reproduction in this room is fantastic! Rich, dynamic and tuneful, full bodied and detailed, enormous staging, warmly seductive. Near-field listening at its best. The experience is like hearing it thru headphones in a large open space, just what I had hoped to accomplish. It's spooky.


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    • Roth Audio MC4 Music Cocoon
    Hybrid vacuum tube transport for the iPod Classic. 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes at the preamp stage, MOSFETs at the output stage. Fantastic performer!!!
    • Bose 301-AV Monitor
    The 301-AV Monitor was a Limited Edition model manufactured only in 1998, the 30th anniversary of the immensely successful launch of the 901 in 1968 that put Bose on the hifi map. Designed specifically as studio reference monitors. Matching original AS-3 stands. Stunningly goes deep and midrange purity is glorious. A hidden gem!
    • Apple iPod Classic 120GB
    Contains over 4,000 music files in Apple Lossless format.
    • Sonos System ZP90 Player
    Connected to my home network and fed through the a NOS DAC, pulls lossless content from a NAS, delivering signals to the amplifier, controlled thru Sonos app in iPad...what a lovely experience.
    • Pacific Valve Fathom NOS DAC
    Makes 44.1/16-bit resolution music files engaging.
    • Luxman R-1050
    Circa 1977. Elegant, gorgeous, wonderfully balanced and powerful.
    • KEF Reference Series Model 103/4
    Circa 1995. Reference Series. Unbelievably natural.

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Thanks for your comments, Taterworks, Linnie01, and Tom6897.

Additionally, as we all know Bose does not publish specs. However, from experience I can attest this model, and the ones in my other system, are quite efficient after having matched them even with low-powered tube amps. In fact, volume level doesn't go beyond 7-8 o'clock positions and are loud already, well at least in my listening spaces.

And yes they're very musical.


I have a pair of the 301's that I bring out whenever I am between speaker purchases. They still sound excellent with the right set-up and electronics. They are definitely one of the oldest items in my collection besides albums going back to the 1940's.


Great little system!!!

There's nothing wrong with Bose. It's like wine, if you like it, drink it - who cares what anyone thinks!



You have a very clean-looking setup, and I think those Bose 301s were the best 301 series they ever made. I never cared for the 601s, with their four tweeters pointing every which-way, but I did hear some 501s that I liked. I don't think you can be faulted for your Bose choice any more than anyone who listens to vintage single-driver speakers in large thin-walled enclosures and driven by tubes can be faulted for theirs.


An early set up of mine also had Bose speakers. I had a Carver CM-1090 powering a pair of Bose 2.2's. Good for what it was.

I like the simplicity of your system.

BTW, what kind of iPad case is that?


very cool.


One of my first systems way back in high school included a pair of Bose 201's, which I fondly remember running dawn til dusk. Quite enjoyable for what they were. Enjoy!


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