It's still 2 boxes along with the Pioneer which is there if my wife just wants to pop in a CD or if I want to play one of the several SACD's we have. The MacBook Air I used during the remodel as a source and still use it for- up to now- KEXP uncompressed.

Advantages of the SBT (aside from the sound quality which I'm very happy with after the improved power supply and external DAC) is that I can operate it from my work station area 30 ft away.

The other major change is the remodel of the front wall of the room. In the PNW no such thing as too many windows.

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    • Nordost SPM
    My first a-gon purchase. went to secondary system due to failing WAF in prior location. She's happier with their present location- they stay in my house as the Arro's are much better speakers with the SPMs attached.
    • Bryston b60r sst
    integrated. A good match for my Arros
    • Apple Time Capsule @TB
    Overpriced as storage only or as a router. But works really well as a backup device and as a NAS.
    • Logitech Squeezebox Touch
    Serves as the sole source for the system. I did add a Wellbourne Labs power source. This improved the sound sufficiently that I can use as is until I figure out the external DAC.
    • Dynaudio Contour S1.4
    These speakers were formerly in my main setup downstairs where both my wife and I were very happy with them. Much to my relief they sounded adequate (not as good as donwstairs) in this much larger space. A big improvement over the Arros and an adequate solution to acheiving acceptable sound upstairs (not the Arro's fault- horses for courses).
    • Pioneer DV-45a
    Purchased about 8 yrs ago in my pre HiFi days. Plays everything (except Blu-Rays o course). At first I felt it was markedly inferior to my newer stuff. But with a good set of cables, my opinion has softened. Probably would sound better going through the Burson.
    • Welborne SBT power supply upgrade
    An improvement from the SBT using it supplied power brick. Lived with it for a while until my ears were convinced the setup needed an external DAC
    • Burson HA 160D
    My 3rd DAC in 3yrs. After the SBT my most cost-effective component. Solved a pretty bad case of digititis. My only criticism is that it only has 2 digital inputs; add an optical input and it's all I'd need.

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Download pure music if you're running iTunes before making a component upgrade. If using iTunes you're digital is a mess without pure music.