I put this bottom-feeder special system together for mood music in the master bedroom, when the clock radio proved repeatedly to be just not up to the task. It all started out several years ago with a chance acquisition of the SA-150 integrated at a hamfest. I asked the guy how much, and he just handed it to me. After that, I felt compelled to land the matching tuner (which I did early 2012 off eBay for ten clams). The Mini7s were snagged for $3 from a local thrift shop, in very rough shape. One replacement tweeter and several coats of rattlecan black later, and they're good as new, and plenty bassy. I keep a cable coiled up on the dresser to plug in an mp3 player or my phone for occasions that call for more than what the local FM stations can provide.

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    • Realistic TM-150
    Tiny little AM/FM tuner, matches the integrated
    • Realistic SA-150
    Tiny little integrated amp
    • Realistic Minimus 7
    The archetypal

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