My objective for this system was high quality sound in my comfortable environment without breaking the bank. Secondly, the turning on & off of the system had to be wife-friendly. Thirdly, the components were to be inexpensive enough where I wouldn't faint :-) if a component was broken by the children (unlike my reference system)!

Most of the components are old but they are very good sounding despite their age.

Any more money spent would be a waste as the room acoustics & speaker placement do not allow any further extraction of music subtlties.

Thinking seriously of modifying the 502A if I can do it for a reasonable cost.

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    • Sony DVP-S7000
    2 discrete laser pick-up DVD player. 1st generation product but still considered by many to be an excellent transport. OK sound from analog outputs
    • Onkyo ND-S1
    iPod dock for 5th gen 160GB iPod. Has only digital output (as it's output was meant to plug into an Onkyo A/V receiver). Superb sonics for fraction of the cost. Compact size, good looking & decent remote.
    • Monarchy Audio DIP 24/96
    24/96 jitter reduction model. Does *NOT* re-sample incoming digital data. Can accept digital data upto 24 bits & upto 96KHz. Improves bass definition, decongests sound-stage/better voice, instrument definition & provides smooth highs
    • Scott Nixon Saru DAC+
    Non-oversampled TDA1543-based DAC. in-built, non-switchable reconstruction filter. Diminutive size: 3"X3"X1" but giant sound! Dynamic, detailed, transparent.
    • Technics ST-8077
    1st introduced in 1979. Slim-line FM/AM tuner with 4 gangs and 3 filters, an “Active Servo Lock” circuit, two FM muting thresholds plus a defeat position, and a recording level check switch. Really cool looking tuning mechanizm: 2 green arrow LEDs beside the red station LED. The green LEDs guide the user in which direction to tune & disappear when center tuned.
    • Yamaha CA-2010
    1977 vintage integrated amplifier from Yamaha. Found this beautiful looking, well-cared for piece on Ebay. 120W/ch in class-AB & 30W/ch in pure class-A. Sounds divine with the Tannoy DMT10s. :-)
    • Tannoy System 10DMT Mk II
    System 10 DMT Mk II Dual concentric monitors. Impact resistant gray painted front baffle & ribbed edges. Excellent sonics despite being a studio monitor - one of the best! Drivers seem to have a 90 degree vertical & horizontal dispersion hence it matters little where you sit in the room.
    • Lovan Jazz 1800
    • Mil Spec 16 AWG silver-coated copper multi-strand
    Mil Spec multi-stranded silver-coated copper wire with Tefzel insulation. Tefzel is very close to Teflon w.r.t. dielectric loss. Sonically very good sounding wire for the little money paid.

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Thanks Bombaywalla. Are they still made? I can't find them available anywhere.


Any comments on how the Tannoy's sound and why you like them? I've been looking to get some Precision 6D active monitors or Sensys with a Creek A50i. most reviews say the smaller tannoys can be bright and some F-R anomalies because of the dual concentric design