This is my vinyl ripping studio. The speakers are in an "aktiv" configuration. There are crossover cards in the amps and the internal crossovers in the speakers have been bypassed. The sound is lush, clear and open. The preamp even sounds better after the change.

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    • Apple Macbook Pro
    I use this as my digital transport and I stream to an apple TV for my other system
    • Apogee Duet
    I use it to rip vinyl with Logic and for playback.
    • Linn Kolektor
    This is a nice remote controlled preamp. It does not sound as good as my threshold though
    • Linn AV-5105
    One of 2 in aktiv configuration
    • Linn AV-5105
    2 of 2 in aktiv configuration
    • DH Labs T-14
    I am not in love with this cable, but it works for now. Speakers are biamped, so I have 2 sets
    • Linn Tukan
    OMG, these speakers are amazing. such delicate highs and deep bass from such little monitors. I bought an aktiv treble car and I am desperately trying to find a bass card.
    • Technics SL-1200 mkII
    Used for playback, I rip on my Luxman 441
    • ADC LMF 1
    I am using an Origin Live armboard
    • Audio-Technica USA AT-150 ti
    This is a Japan only model

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I have a Linn speaker based desktop system too. I don't have Linn electronics though. Linn monitors work great for this application. I have the Kan MK1. Its paired up with a Velodyne ULD15 sub.