This is the downstairs system. The main purpose of this system is to test/verify that any repairs, upgrades or restorations I do are functioning properly.

This system stays as is, but I have a Citation IV preamp that may replace the Forte after upgrades/refurb is complete.

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    • N H T 1.5
    Unforgiving with the wrong equipment - beautiful when done right.
    • Harman Kardon Citation V
    Smaller sibling to the famous Citation II. Updated with Jim McShane's Level 2 PS kit, capacitor kits & tube sockets. Also upgraded RCAs and 5 way binding posts, some grounding adjustments. SED 6L6GC, GE 6FQ7 & Sylvania/JAN 12BY7
    • Forte Model 2
    I bought this just to tweak - have Black Gates & UF4007 diodes in PS. All unnecessary wires & switches removed and or grounded the rest of the internal wiring has been replaced with silver - no more channel crosstalk!
    • Rotel RDD-980
    Nice Philips CD9 transport
    • Adcom GDA-600
    Modified with paralled DACs
    • Acoustic Research XA
    Received this as a basket case for free. Made a new base & mounted a Luxman PD272 arm - sounds fabulous for what it is. I had no idea that the Luxman arm could sound so good!
    • Fisher FM-50b
    Another excellent Fisher tuner.
    • Blaupunkt ex-console now a rack
    Console was gutted, carefully cut in half and extensively fortified with 3/4
    • Target HR-60 Speaker Stands
    Another great Audiogon deal!

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Compared to my Pass Aleph P, the Forte had a noticeable "electronic" sound. The BGs and diodes removed much of this. I used silver wire just because I find it particularly clear but neutral in preamps - silver is very nice in small amounts. I removed and grounded un-used inputs (every other input as per the selector SW) just to remove crosstalk between sources. Overall, the Forte is a little more quiet and a little more natural sounding.

Maybe someday I'll finish it off with dual regulated power supplies and perhaps a stepped attenuator. Overall, the design is fantastic for an opamp based pre - there's really not much to improve on in the audio circuitry. The phonostage is one of the finest I've come across.


How did the mods on the Forte change the character of its sound? I have one and I am curious at what it can be done to take it a notch higher.


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