The most recent changes to my system has been completion changing to modern Luxman tubed equipment for the preamplifier (CL-38uC) and classic Luxman tube equipment for the amplifiers (MB-3045)

I also completed an upgrade of a Nordost cable loom to Odin and Valhalla 2.

I can sit and listen for hours. It excels with vocals and I listen primarily to vocalists with small groups and some classic rock or jazz on occasion.

Any thoughts or suggestions please.

My listening room is about 12X17 with 10 ft ceilings.

Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 11’  Medium
Ceiling: 10’

Components Toggle details

    • Garrard 301
    Cream colored Garrard 301 mounted in Woodsong plinth with Indian Rosewood veneer
    • Ortofon RS-309D Dynamic Balance Tonearm
    • EMT Audio JSD S-75
    JSD S75 75 year Jubilee Moving Coil cartridge is the latest addition to EMT‘s award winning line. Diamond stylus on white Sapphire cantilever.
    • Benz Micro LP-S mr
    The newest Benz LP-S with micro ridge stylus
    • Linn Genki
    Great CD only player
    • Luxman CL-38uC
    Luxman preamp including MM/MC phono preamp
    • Luxman MB-3045
    Luxman mono amps originally sold with the NEC 8045G triode tube.

    This pair was factory modified to use the 6550 tube in triode. About 50-60 wpc
    • Proac Response D-40r
    Floor standing with ribbon tweeter, 2-6.5 woofers and Nordost SurtFut instead of factory spikes
    • Nordost Valhalla 2 tonearm cable
    Used with the Garrard turntable and Ortofon tonearm
    • Nordost Odin
    Interconnect cable between preamp and power amps. A significant upgrade from the Tyr 2 used previously
    • Nordost Valhalla 2 Speaker Cable
    3 meter pair used with Nordost Reference Jumpers
    • Nordost Valhalla 2 Power Cord
    Used for QBase to wall, Qbase to preamp and power amps
    • Nordost Tyr 2
    Used between CD plater and preamp
    • Nordost QBase 8
    Used for all AC Connections in concert with a Valhalla 2 AC cable
    • Nordost Sort Fut
    Nordost SortFut used under the ProAc D-40r speakers
    • Nordost Sort Kone TC
    Used under preamp, power amps and Nordost QBase.
    • Vibraplane 2210-01-13
    Passive 20x24 vibraplane placed under Garrard 301 turntable
    • Audio Desk Ultrasonic Record Cleaner
    Get great sound from receord cleaning dirt you did not know was there
    • VPI Industries HW-16.5
    Reliable record cleaning machine

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Thanks to all for past comments. I am now back to tube amplification. 

I recently changed my amplification to Luxman, and upgraded my cable loom, all with very positive results.

I also added a Bag End Active bass trap, which allowed bass improvements without adding corner traps etc.

Any comments are appreciated.

Best regards,

Jim Perry


Sweet looking system-I have the d48r with all Naim gear in a room about your size but about 3ft longer-how far back from plane of speakers are you sitting?

Mine are toed in heavily so that from listening seat I only see the front fascia of the speakers and back of speakers are about 5ft from wall and 2ft or so from sidewalls. So further into room and much more toe in. I might have to try less toe and further back to wall but I settled on this position bc felt it gives most even bass response. In my room the ceiling is flat in middle and slopes down to 6ft on sidewall. Further back towards wall seems to bloat the bass on some recordings. Proacs are amazing and best sound I have ever had in this room.



Beautiful setup with your D40R's! That rosewood is beautiful - not too red at all. I'm shortlisting this speaker as I am looking at finding my "final" pair of speakers. Also considering the Joseph Audio Perspectives, Magico A3's


Looks like you moved up to the Valhalla 2 speaker cables from the Tyr 2's. I had the Tyr 2 speaker cables in my system for about 3 months (on loan from a dealer friend) until I found a great deal on the Valhalla 2's. With my system (Classe and Proac d30r's) the jump was more than I expected. I recently added an Odin V1 power cable that I use to power my Qbase. That was another huge upgrade for me. Your system keeps looking better and better, bet is sounds great!


Nice. Has the 301 bettered the SME? Try pulling your speakers out another few feet.


Thank You for the invite and letting me know about your setup. Those D40R seems excellent. I am sure, that ribbon tweeter has some magic. My only link to Arizona is Paul from Clear Day cables. I visited AZ in 2004, when we were in Grand Canyon.
Very nice system!


Milpai, I have the speakers placed about 2 feet from the side walls and 3 feet from the front walls. Based on looking at your system the placement I have is similar to yours.

The bass has response into the twenty hz range, based on using a Stereophile test CD, but I had not measured exactly how far down or how much the volume decreased at as the frequency decreased.

The bass has plenty of impact on upright bass, drums and electric bass. I don't really listen to organ music so I can't comment on that.

If you are ever in Phoenix, AZ let me know and you can have a listen.


I see that you are a ProAc fanatic :-) How is the bass in your room with the D40R? How close from wall are these speakers. I will be looking at PMC and ProAc in the future. ProAc rates their speakers down to 25Hz. But to they really go that low?


Jerry, great to hear from you, and thanks for the compliment. I have been very busy and have some more changes in early 2015, including upgrading the Aesthetix Rhea to a Signature version, and a new cartridge.

The Vibraplane made a significant difference with the SME TT, but I have not tried it under the Basis as it already has suspension.

I will look you up if I get to the east coast. I would love to hear your system. Glad to hear you are still happy with the Basis Vector tonearm.


Jim, you have been busy! Nice job, I'll bet your system sounds great. I love you having 2 turntables on your rack! I have considered that also, I still have my basis 1400 and considering setting it up as a mono table since my 2200 only takes 1 arm.


System edited: I just bought a rack from Timbernation. Great solid walnut construction, I also added a Vibraplane under the SME 10 turntable. The Vibraplane made significant improvements to the sound improving the imaging and clarity of the sound


Matt, thanks for your comments. I just saw your comment when I was revising this. Let me know if you are ever in Phoenix, AZ


System edited: I have made a number of changes since I last updated this virtual system. The addition of the Aesthetix Rhea and Calypso along with changing from the Proac Response 2.5 to Proac Response D-40r has really taken this to another level. I am considering the addition of a Minus K or Vibraplane platform under the SME 10 TT. I would appreciate comments and suggestions on this system.


Thats a really nice system Jperry I wish I could hear those Proac speakers with the Rogue pre amp. very clean, nice Job!


System edited: Changed the main speakers from Proac Response 2 to the floorstanding 2.5 model. Replaced the Quad 99 preamp with a Rogue 99 preamp. Changed speaker position to bring them further out into the room, and further from the equipment rack. I also added plants in the back corners per "Get Better Sound"


System edited: I just changed the speakers from Proac Response 2 (after 10 years) to Proac Response 2.5. In addition to the speaker change I also removed other speakers from the room and added silk plants in the back corners. The changes in the room made a significant difference in the sound. I appreciate all of the suggestions I received and I think I am on the home stretch. I want to change to a tube preamp and I would appreciate any suggestions Thanks, Jim Perry


Buconero, thanks for the input. I will give it a try. I am selling the extra speakers so they will hopefully go away soon. The speakers are in front of the equipment, but will try the blanket test.


My two cents. Too many speakers in the room, try one pair at a time, otherwise you getting a negative inter action of all the drivers. Get the equipment out from between the speakers, it a classic mistake. The equipment is picking up acoustic energy from the speakers and I am sure it is smearing the sound. See for your self, put a blanket over the equipment. You will be surprised how it cleans up the sound.


Luckily I am in Phoenix, AZ. I think the Seismic Sink is banned in Florida


Careful that the Seismic Sink doesn't cause your entire system to, well, sink. This can be doubly hazardous in places like Florida, already prone to such events.


I had the woofer surrounds repaired on the ProAc.

I thought the Proac was more lively, had better bass, and better imaging than the Harbeth, Amazingly my wife agreed with me!

The harbeth is a good speaker, but too laid back for us.


JP well done on system components.

What do you like about ProAc sound compared to the ES-2?

BTW...what did you get repaired on the ProAc?


System edited: Pictures added. More to follow.


System edited: I just made a number of changes in the past few weeks. Replaced Benz-Micro MC20E2 L with a Dynavector 17D3. Added PS Audio Power Plant Premier. My Proac Response 2 speakers are back from repair and I like them better than the Harbeth Compact 7 ES-2. I would appreciate any comments. Thanks


You might want to consider upgrading your cartridge. I have a p25 and used an elys for a while. A nice cart. for the money, but something like a shure v15 or dyna 10x5 (which I both used) will represent a big improvement for relatively modest cost.

If you're still thinking of a new pre., perhaps you might consider a tubed unit. Two that I've tried and liked are a conrad johnson 10a and an audible illusions 2d. Each has different strengths and weaknesses. Both can be had with very nice phono stages, and in neither can little fingers reach the tubes.


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