I got started in this hobby in the early 2000s, after twenty years of listening to my Akai AA-A35, Pioneer CD player and BSR Collossus speakers from DAK Electronics. Started out with a few different Wharfedale models, tried MMGs, bought MG12s and gradually upgraded everything else. 

Most recently got the Acoustats and things are getting interesting now.

Room Details

Dimensions: 20’ × 12’  Medium
Ceiling: N/A

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    • Acoustat TNT-200 Amplifier
    Amplifier made specifically for Acoustat speakers by Acoustat. Completely refurbished by Roy Esposito, Acoustat guru and is a perfect match with my Spectra 22s.
    • Acoustat MRP-1 Reference Preamplifier
    Extremely rare Acoustat reference preamp, completely refurbished by Roy Esposito, Acoustat guru and sounds amazing with the other Acoustat gear. Has two phono inputs, one MM and one MC.
    • Acoustat Spectra 22
    Bought on Craigslist in 2015. Much different animal than the Magnepans, a heck of a lot more detail and bass.
    Interfaces sent to Roy Esposito, Acoustat guru for complete refurbish. Worth every penny.
    • Janis W-1
    Subwoofer and crossover/amp purchased on Craigslist in 2015. The 1A crossover/amp was defective and needed an expensive repair so I am using this with a Dayton SA-230 subwoofer amp. Sounds great, and probably better anyway since the 1A locks you in to 100 Hz crossover frequency and the Acoustats have very good bass a lot lower than that; currently crossing over at about 45 Hz.
    • McIntosh MCD-205
    McIntosh CD changer with Nakamichi Music Bank system. This is the best sounding CD player I have ever heard; it even makes some of my older, more harshly recorded CDs sound listenable. This one is a keeper.
    • Rega RP3
    With Ortofon 2M red cartridge
    • Rega TT-PSU
    External Power Supply for RP3
    • Rega Rega DAC
    The latest Rega DAC
    • Squeezebox V3
    Wireless network music player
    • Aragon 2004 mkII
    Works great with the MG12s, good bass
    • Magnepan MG-12qr
    Used as rear speakers for multi-channel/HT
    • Mye Stands
    Used with MG12s
    • B&W ASW 650
    12" sealed sub - used for home theater only
    • Nakamichi CR-2a
    Still works great
    • Yamaha HTR-7065
    AV receiver with pre-outs and HDMI, using as the processor for home theater. 
    • Kenwood KD-2055
    Belt drive turntable with the fake marble base, weighs about 25 pounds. Shure M95ED cartridge. Sounds great. Bought on Craigslist from original owner
    • Hagerman Bugle
    Phono preamp, great value for the money, think it sounds very nice.
    • Morrow Audio MA-5
    Interconnects sound wonderful
    • Morrow Audio SP-4
    Speaker cables sound wonderful

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My room is 11' x 18' with carpeting and large entertainment center so is not ideal for maggies but I have them right where they sound the best-about 5' from the back wall. The 1.6s were just too big for the room so I went with the 12s. My 12s are not biampable as is; I would need to upgrade the crossovers to do so. I am very happy with the Aragon 4004 Mk II and can notice the extra power, but it doesn't seem dramatically different than the 2004 sounded. Overall I am very happy and am planning to get rid of the entertainment center and put a LCD TV on the wall so that should help things a great deal.


System edited: Rega Planet died, sold Rega Radio because I have internet radio with the Squeezebox, decided to try a more powerful amp.


System edited: Added MG12s after having the MMGs for a year


Thanks, I am leaning towards the MG12s as the 1.6s are probably too big for my room. I listened to both at my local dealer and thought the MG12s were a better value. I will keep my eyes open for some used 1.6s though. Would my amp have enough power (200 wpc into 4 ohms) for the 1.6? My dealer told me that the MG12s are actually easier to drive than the MMGs but that seemed strange.

After adding the Bottlehead, I could tell the pre section of the Denon was definitely a weakness. The instruments have air around them now and vocals are amazing. Recordings that used to be too harsh (like some Bob Dylan with the harmonica) are now listenable (if you like that sort of thing). I haven't heard any other tube preamps but I'm very happy with the Foreplay.