This is purely for music in the great room which allows us to enjoy music from anywhere on the main floor. The convenience of having all of the music on the Mac and accessing on the Transporter could not be any simpler. The music plays all day through the Totems the One and the Naim.

Very enjoyable .

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    • Logitec Transporter
    Digital stored music on Mac served up via the Transporter via Ethernet.
    • Naim Audio Nait5i
    Latest Nait5i which works and sound great with the Totem
    • Totem Acoustics The ONE
    This is the Porsche Speedster of Mini Monitors, wrote the Absolute Sound's Wayne Garcia.

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Hi Ryder

Thanks for your kind words.
The Nait is a very nice match for the ONES.
Has never clipped, but then again I do not push them in the Living room.
You have a very nice set up as well, are you in the UK ?



I'm surprised the Nait 5i can push The One's. Great system you've got there.


I have some original model ones, and after what i have heard about the ones...I know for a fact you are enjoying them...mid range just doesnt get much better :)


I can honestly say that the break in period for THE ONE was very long and me thinking did I do the right thing?? They sounded bright, etched and not very cohesive.
Well after a solid 3 weeks of 12 hours a day (thank guys) they finally turned into giant slayers.
Very happy to have the Totems back in our home.
Had my first Model One's over 12 years ago which I sold to a good friend of mine who is still enjoying them to this day.
Now back to more music..........


Don't you just love Totem's The One's?


i have totem arro hooked up to a unison with a duet and i love it.....the naim is the equipment used with totem in the show up until this works extremely well with the totem speakers and you already know and you probably knew that info. but i thought i would pass it along....the still use unison, naim with the arro, monitors, but the upper end big floor standers they are now using ayre ....i know you are enjoying your system...


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