5 way active , all analog , mostly in class A.

This system is completed. - again. until i get some more money.

all sources :
Turntable , Radio , etc ..
connected to :
preamp : Accuphase A530 integrated
connected to :
Rane MB 30 equaliser
connected to :
Rane ac23B active crossover:
having 5 outputs :
1. Rythmik F12 se (370 W) up to 70 Hz
2. MF 550K superchargers (550 W) to Seas 13'' Woofers  - up tp 250Hz
3. MF F-15 power amp (100 W) to  JBL 2123H  - up to 800 Hz
4. Accuphase A530 (the power amp part - 30 W) to JBL 2445J with 55cm horn - up to 5kHz
5, MF A2 integrated (25 W?) for ELAC tweeters

There are no passive crossovers in the system. Amplifiers are directly connected to drivers.

Linn turntable has SME3009 tonearm with denon DLA 100 cartridge and Lehmann black cube phono stage with PWX power supply.

Main power cable is Van Den hull Mainstream , connected to Thor ps 10 power conditioner, that feeds to 2 belkin power boards. All other power cables are custom made and shielded.

RCA + XLR cables - Van deh hull  Thunderline + D102

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    • Accuphase E-530
    Accuphase E-530 integrated amp
    • Musical Fidelity 550K Supercharger
    Musical fidelity 550K Supercharger Monoblocks
    • Musical Fidelity F-15 Power amp
    Gets very hot
    • Musical Fidelity A2
    Used to power Elac Jet Tweter
    • Accuphase T-101
    Excellent tuner. Using it daily
    • Rythmik F12 SE Subwoofers
    Class AB, Black Gloss finish. Connected by XLR cables.
    • Van den Hul D-352 Speaker cable
    7m + 3m lenghts
    • Van den Hul Thunderline RCAs + XLRs
    Almost all interconnects are Thunderline, replacing the last few d-102
    • Linn LP-12 Sondek
    Linn LP12 Early Model SME 3009 Tonearm , FR6se cartridge
    • Denon DLA-100 cartridge
    Upgraded version of 103
    • Lehmann Black Cube
    With PWX Power supply
    • Rane MB 30 Equaliser
    30 band Eq. for each channel
    • Rane AC 23B Electronic crossover
    5 way active crossover
    • Elac JET 5 + JET 3 tweeters
    Elac Jet 5 front firing tweeters, and jet 3  tweeter for reverse .They come from floor standing speakers.

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System edited: Wall mounted Elac AMT drivers. No box for altec lansing base driver.


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