Diy Cabs... pretty good sound for the buck.

Room Details

Dimensions: 34’ × 18’  X large
Ceiling: 10’

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    • AUDIO NIRVANA 12" super ferrite full range Super 12
    12 in. full range driver in 5.6 L ported cabs DIY sorta.
    • Musical Paradise m 301 mk 3 SET-MK3
    6.5wpc 6L6 tube set integrated amp.
    • Oppo 970HD
    • Cambridge Audio DAC Magic Plus
    • franklin sub
    • Tascam CD 200
    Reliable transport built like a tank

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I have my Spatial M1 7 feet from the front wall. The soundstage is huge Spatial Audio just came out with a new line of open baffle speakers that are very reasonably priced. A friend of mine purchased a pair for half the price of his other speakers and couldn't be happier. I drive mine with a 8watt 300B.


I consider my self blessed to have given up the gear chasing and now spend money on great music I love.

I hear ya brother. I'm in a very similar place and only buy stuff now out of habit. No longer searching for the next upgrade is a very freeing feeling.


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