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    • Von Gaylord Legend 7000s Interconnects
    Upgraded from the Chinchillas that grabbed me by the ears and threw me into the world of Von Gaylord Audio, handily trouncing my Audience AU24e and everything that came before it. Amazingly, the Legend 7000s interconnects produce more air, tonal depth, and a more emanating sound from every instrument. Just more realism!
    • Oyaide Neo D+ Firewire Cable
    Great, affordable firewire cable
    • Von Gaylord LAD-L2 Preamp
    2-piece preamp that replaced an $8500 Conrad Johnson CT5 stuffed full of Teflon caps! 'Nuff said.
    • Tannoy Turnberry SE Speakers (Modified)
    No other speaker I've heard can match the body, timbre, coherence, and musicality of a Tannoy DC. Mods: - WBT-0703 Nextgen binding posts - Mundorf M-Resist Supreme resistors - Low frequency crossover: Bennic film caps replaced with Mundorf Supreme + ClarityCap MR bypass. Elyton electrolytic replaced with ClarityCap ESA (giant!) + ClarityCap MR bypass. - High frequency crossover ClarityCap PW replaced with ClarityCap MR + Duelund CAST PIO-Cu bypass. Result: Significantly improved inner detail and clarity with more realistic timbre and harmonics! I no longer think about going up to Kensingtons. These are now phenomenal speakers!
    • REL Acoustics Britannia B2 Subwoofer
    Superb subwoofer. Tight, authoritative and eminently musical. A really great mate to the Cremona Auditors
    • Porter Port Power Outlet
    Cryo treated custom Hubbell 8300H power outlet. Amazing improvements across the board, especially soundstage and imaging, for such little money. A no-brainer!
    • Audience aR2p-TO Power Conditioner
    I hesitate to list this as a "tweak" because of the profound improvements this magic box has brought to my system. It seemed pricey for what it is, but was well worth every penny!
    • Brickwall PW8R15AUD PDU/Surge Protector
    Surge protector/PDU for DAC, subwoofer, and preamp. A lot more transparent than my old run of the mill Belkin strip!
    • Von Gaylord Nirvana Monoblock Amplifiers
    A powerful 100 triode watts. Shuguang Black Treasure CV-181z input tubes + Ruby 6550 power tubes. Like a great solid state amp with the tube body, tone, and dimensionality. Just awesome!
    • Stereolab Reference XV-Ultra BNC Cable
    I was so impressed with Chris Sommovigo's Black Cat Veloce that I sold it in a day to upgrade to this and this is a substantial upgrade!
    • Von Gaylord Legend 7000s Power Cords
    For preamp and power amp. Also a substantial upgrade over the already superb Chinchilla! Someday I will upgrade the Chinchillas on my monoblocks as well. Not cheap, but the price is well justified by the performance.
    • Von Gaylord Chinchilla Speaker Cables
    Shotgun double run. As with all Von Gaylord cables, they are simply superlative from top to bottom. JPS Superconductor 3, as good as they are, were just not as refined, natural, and real.
    • MHDT Havana DAC (Modified)
    I've always had a particular attachment to the Havana, but long ago relegated it to a secondary system and "upgraded" to several more expensive DACs. After reading the Head-Fi thread and deciding to get my hands dirty with soldering, I upgraded nearly every part in the DAC. R-core transformer, Black Gate F, FK, V, VK electrolytic caps + 3 Elna Silmic II and Elna ROB Tonerex for the power supply, Vishay S102 diodes, Shinkoh Tantalum resistors around the tube, film caps replaced with Auricap, V-Cap CuTF (4 locations), WBT-0220 Ag Ms silver RCA outputs, Vampire BNC input, and - best of all - Duelund CAST PIO-Cu output caps. It is now easily the best DAC I've owned. I am pretty damned sure I will never part with it. In fact, I have 2 of them!
    • Weiss INT-203 Firewire to SPDIF Converter
    I've tried the Audiophilleo 2, John Kenny JKSPDIF Mk3, Wavelength Wavelink, and the combines the best of all of them.
    • JAS Audio Super Tweeters MkIII
    Ribbon super tweeters extending out to 100 KHz. Incredible what these did for my Tannoys. They were the missing link.
    • Black Cat Neo Morpheus Speaker Cables
    Between super tweeters and speakers. I have these in my bedroom system and they are astounding for the money. Amazing spatiality, macro detail, and tonal density. Just lacking a bit of air and micro detail (texture) compared to my Von Gaylord Chinchillas ($7200 MSRP!).

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Hi Eugene,

I have writing for advice on Von Gaylord gear. I have had a Legend Audio Triode Mono for also fifteen years. It has been in storage for ten years and reactivated last year. I enjoyed the amp. Compared to a VAC PA80-80, it is much better. I know it is, for the money, a quality gear. 

Last week, one of amp started to blow fuses continuously. Local technician could not fix it, and I am in Asia with no dealer support. I  had wanted to up-grade to a Nirvana amp for a while. You have a pair of Nirvana. I wanted to get you feedback on whether it is worth going on to a pair of Nirvana? What other amps have you compared with? 

Any comments would be much appreciated. 




If I may ask, what are the modifications done on the Turnberry ? is it the crossover components ?


Eugene, I spotted on a previous thread that you did listen to both the Bel Canto 2.5 and the Berkeley Series 2. Is there a big difference? I have the 2.5 but I always wanted to try the Berkeley. You can see my system in the Virtual is not extremely high end but resolving enough. Thanks.



Congrads on your system. I bet it sounds fantastic.

I'm a fellow BADA user (MK1 in my case) and very happy with that. I am still using good-old Hiface (BNC) and considering upgrades. There arer many options... JKMK3 is at the top of my list. Can you share some of your views on how it compares to others your tried on the BADA (the AP's for example)?

Also, do you use one of JK's attenuators on the BADA (and if so, which one / with what cable etc.. saves me ordering the wrong thing..)

Thanks in advance!


As a fellow Tannoy owner, I congratulate you on your choice of loudspeakers. Enjoy your fine system!



Hello, I posted a question for you on your thread about
the DAC. Will you please take a look when you get a chance.



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