This is the system I listen to when I want to hear what is on the record or cd.

Tube traps and Echo Busters tame the bass and early reflections.

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    • Levinson No 37
    Levinson 37 transport
    • Levinson No 36
    Levinson 36 D/A converter
    • VPI Industries Aries 3 w/10.5i
    VPI Aries 3 with 10.5i,supper platter,SDS, periphery ring and center weight.
    • Pass Labs X-350
    X-350 Sweet
    • VPI Industries JMW
    JMW 10.5i with Valahalla wiring
    • Dynavector XX2 Mk.2
    Killer cartridge
    • Levinson 320S
    Line stage
    • Avalon Acoustics Ascendent
    Avalon Ascendent
    • Target rack with custon shelf Target TT-5
    Custom Symposium Ultra like turntable platform with aluminum trim to match table.
    • MIT Shotgun S1 proline
    6.0 m. preamp to amp 1.0m-D/A to preamp 1.0m-Phono stage to preamp.
    • MIT Shogtun S1
    8' pair non bi-wire
    • Pass Labs X-ONO
    X-ono with upgraded umbilicle

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I love Avalon speakers, and have had them with Pass with great results. Congratulations - I do like your room treatment, did you get professional help to set it up?


You have a very nice and matching system,i do have a pair of Avalon Ascendent speaker running with BAT system,can you tell me how do you like your speaker comparing with other speakers you been with.


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