Main function is 2 channel stereo with a strong Dolby 5.1 sub-capacity.

Just went with the Graham and DV XX-2, and WOW! The combo on my Sota blows the MVP881BR away.

Ultimately might have to go with new monitors. The Rogers are the closest I've heard to B&W 801 Series III, and I bought them new so they are still in great shape. If I kill a driver though, I'm probably toast. Auditioned some Martin Logans and thought they sounded terrific, but don't know if the electrostatic elements will give me the punch that I'm used to. Fortunately, that's not something I have to worry about now!

Room Details

Dimensions: 17’ × 20’  Large
Ceiling: 12’

Components Toggle details

    • Sota Sapphire
    Original Series III production upgraded to Series IV by Kirk at Sota, oak finish
    • Graham Engineering Phantom II Supreme
    Black & silver, 9"
    • Dynavector XX-2 Mk II
    Low output MC
    • Rega Planar 3
    A very nice early 80's example recently purchased second-hand to replace my Pioneer PL 15D II.  I'd had a Planar 2 from the same era as my first really good turntable.  This one came with a Grace G-747 tonearm in like-new condition and an ADC 440 cartridge
    • Grace G-747 Tonearm
    This was what really drove me to buy the Rega Planar 3 above.  It's a superior low mass arm with excellent properties, and was in like-new condition.  It made the package a can't-lose proposition.
    • ADC 440
    Like the Grace arm above, this cartridge was already installed on the Planar 3 and was also in very good condition.  It's getting a bit long in the tooth and could use a new stylus, but remains very serviceable for recordings that can't benefit from my Sota / Graham / Dynavector deck.
    • McIntosh MVP881BR
    BR/CD/DVD/SACD Combination disk player
    • Tascam DA-3000
    This ADC recorder is an addition to facilitate transcription of analog media.  I'm impressed with how easy it is to use and how well it records.  I must also say it generates a pretty significant 60 Hz EMF; nearby gear needs to be properly grounded, shielded and equipped with good quality interconnects.
    • McIntosh C-50
    MC and MM phono input capable
    • McIntosh MAC-3
    Factory updated 2012
    • McIntosh MC-302
    300 WPC
    • McIntosh MC-7100
    Mono bridged for center channel
    • Belles Model 1
    100 WPC stereo for rear surround
    • Rogers Studio 1
    Phase corrected 3 way ported
    • B&W HTM62
    Center channel
    • Velodyne DEQ-10R
    195 watt 10" HT sub with remote, adjustable crossover and automatic equalization features.
    • Advent Mini
    Rear surround

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Finally managed to get a few photos posted!  I'd mentioned in a forum thread I'd picked up a second-hand Rega Planar 3 to supplant my Pioneer PL 15D II, and it's now documented and photographed.

@islandmandan @vegasears @glenfihi you will all note the absence of my Tandberg TCD 440 A from the system list.  Sadly, it ascended to Valhalla and joined its distinguished Nordic compatriots in mid-October.  I replaced it with a Dennon DRM-710 that was also mentioned in a forum thread about 60 Hz EMF.  It does not appear in the system list because the EMF noise prevents me from installing it in the rack.  The only space left is on top of the TASCAM DA-3000, which unfortunately generates the hum.  Isolation by distance was the only solution that worked; different cables, revised power isolation and a grounded Faraday cage didn't.


System edited: Gave a forum response regarding a sub with Celestion speakers and realized I'd forgotten to add my HT sub to the list. It was acquired at the same time as the MC-7100 and HTM62 and is active only in HT mode through the MAC-3. Crossover is set to 40 Hz and matches well with the MAC-3 50 Hz cutoff feature.


Nice system, the Dyna XX2MKII must sound spectacular in the Graham arm. It's a good cartridge, and keeps me happy in a Dynavector 501 arm.

Enjoy! Regards,

Ag insider logo xs@2xislandmandan

Outstanding set up! Like Glen, I really love the Pioneer PL-15D TT. It was my first GOOD TT back in the 70's. Great machine, lots of sweet memoirs there.

Good Luck


Great collection of gear even down to the old Pioneer turntable. Love the Mc gear and your Graham must really be a joy.

Happy listening and post some pictures for those of us who can dream.


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