very musical and involving system. I can listen for hours without fatigue.

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    • ASR Emitter II Exclusive blue
    with gold boards and battery option - Burson Buffer discrete op-aps - very worthwhile and inexpensive upgrade($120)
    • Sound Lab Millennium 1-PX
    I'm finally back to the sound I love - electrostats!
    • PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC w/Bridge
    • JPS Audio Aluminata RCA
    • Magnan Reference Signature
    7' spade/spade
    • Core Audio Design V2
    black walnut
    • Adona Nemesis
    • GIK Acoustics corner traps
    6 corner traps - 2 242 panels at first reflection point
    • Boston Audio Tune blocks
    used under Transporter - with tungsten ball
    • ATS Acoustics various
    used to control reflections on front wall - front windows and behind chairs - 2" thick
    • 8th Nerve corner/seam
    used in top corners.
    • Kaplan Cables HE 20 amp
    copper 20 amp plug - used on ASR amp supplies
    • Kaplan Cables HE 3a conditioner
    used on Modwright Transporter
    • Sound Lab Sallie rear wave absorber
    very effective
    • Hifi Tuning Supreme
    used on Kaplan conditioner and PS Audio PWD
    • Maestro power outlet
    used on 3 dedicated 20A circuits
    • JL Audio F112
    use a pair with the Soundlab.

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Nice to know the JL Audio integrated well with the Soundlab's - there is some controversy one the use of subs with electrostatics.

As Soundlab's have a very large radiating area, there is no thing as a defined main first refection point and the ratio of direct versus diffused sound is very different from box speakers.

In my room I have absorption in the back corners and in the part of the wall behind the A1's, diffusion in the central back wall and part of side wall's. Diffusion is done either with RPG diffractals or flutterfree strips.

Although I (and most of my friends who love music) like the type of sound I have, I know some people disagree on this use of diffusors, claiming that absorbers are best suited to get pinpoint image. But I prefer a spacious sound, with plenty of power and ambiance, to the sharp razor imaging you get with mini-monitors.



Great to see your new Soundlab's and your room. Soundlab's are not an easy speaker, but once you manage to tune a system around them they are unique. I see your room only has absorption - may be you should also think about diffusion. Furniture, bookshelves and QRD diffusers can be of great help to get a full bodied balance.