very musical and involving system. I can listen for hours without fatigue.

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    • ASR Emitter II Exclusive blue
    with gold boards and battery option - Burson Buffer discrete op-aps - very worthwhile and inexpensive upgrade($120)
    • Sound Lab Millennium 1-PX
    I'm finally back to the sound I love - electrostats!
    • PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC w/Bridge
    • JPS Audio Aluminata RCA
    • Magnan Reference Signature
    7' spade/spade
    • Core Audio Design V2
    black walnut
    • Adona Nemesis
    • GIK Acoustics corner traps
    6 corner traps - 2 242 panels at first reflection point
    • Boston Audio Tune blocks
    used under Transporter - with tungsten ball
    • ATS Acoustics various
    used to control reflections on front wall - front windows and behind chairs - 2" thick
    • 8th Nerve corner/seam
    used in top corners.
    • Kaplan Cables HE 20 amp
    copper 20 amp plug - used on ASR amp supplies
    • Kaplan Cables HE 3a conditioner
    used on Modwright Transporter
    • Sound Lab Sallie rear wave absorber
    very effective
    • Hifi Tuning Supreme
    used on Kaplan conditioner and PS Audio PWD
    • Maestro power outlet
    used on 3 dedicated 20A circuits
    • JL Audio F112
    use a pair with the Soundlab.

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Thank you Mantis,
what do you mean for "phase problems with midrange" ?

With my Be20 I feel sometimes a too "forward" sound in the middle frequency..

May be this you mean ?


Hi Mantis,
can you explain wich improvements you experienced with the new crossover ?

thank you.