System fell off audiogon again, so this one updates that one with the Appogg platforms, which was money well spent.

Room Details

Dimensions: 23’ × 21’  Large
Ceiling: N/A

Components Toggle details

    • SMc Audio VRE-1
    Dual box solution that simply amazes.
    • McCormack/SMc Audio DNA-125
    Has every modification Steve offers plus one no longer offered.
    • Ridge Street Audio Design Sason
    Galaxy black marble with piano black face.
    • Stealth Dream V10
    2.5m latest production
    • Ultrasonic Rack and amp stands
    Beautifully crafted by Tate Blanchard in Houston, Texas.
    • Appogg Isolation Platforms
    A skeptic no longer am I...
    • APC S10 Power Regenerator
    No, it doesn't impact the sound. Yes, it cleans and protects the power going to my source components.
    • STEALTH Dream power cord
    Appropriate model on each piece.
    • GIK Acoustic Panels 242 Panel
    with custom stands by some fine woodworkers at the US Disciplinary Barracks, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
    • Zenwave D3 RCA
    Formerly "Dave's Cables"
    • ETI Quiessence RCA
    from Rogue to SMc.  Sometimes swapped out with the Zenwave D3.
    • ModWright LLC Oppo 105
    • Clearaudio Performance DC
    with Satisfy tonearm and Hana SL cartridge
    • Rogue Audio Triton
    Phono preamp
    • Gabriel Gold Reflection XLR IC
    Latest version (I think).
    • Stealth Audio Cables Dream V10
    8' speaker cables

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System edited: Just updating the system because I haven't been on a'gon in several years. Nothing has changed since 2011.


Hi Howard
Good to hear you're still enjoying the system
The Sason owners are becoming less and less


System edited: Haven't looked at this in a long while. Traded the old Dream speaker cables in for the V10 hoping it would solve the bottom end. It did. And it improved everywhere else, too. So much so that the old Dream should be considered obsolete IMHO.


Hi Howard,
How are those Dream speaker cables working out in your system? Has the extra time of break-in helped the bass to come through better?


System edited: Well, I made an impulse buy on a set of Stealth Dream speaker cables. Unfortunately, they seem to be missing some bottom end. Ever heard a brand new speaker? The Dream's bottom end sounds like a brand new woofer - you can hear the attack on the notes but they sound "clear" instead of like an actual bass note. Also, I found almost everything else about the Dream to only marginally outperform the MLT Hybrids except for vocal separation, which is simply out of this world when listening to vocal harmonies. Enough to justify the expense? I don't know. I'm toying with the idea of picking up another set of Hybrid MLTs to see if biwire MLTs might be a better next step for me than the Dream. My experience with the Dream speaker cables is absolutely contrary to every other post I've seen on audiogon. They all indicate the Dream are a multiple-level leap of the Hybrid MLT in every way. Perhaps I need to play with repositioning the speakers closer to the wall behind them to give me better bass performance? I'm also starting to look in to a computer-based front end, but the learning curve is vertical and I fear the technology is evolving quickly enough that today's DACs may be obsolete in just a couple years with the implementation of HDMI as an I/O option. Even without the emergence of HDMI I fear other aspects of computer-based systems will evolve to make today's computer-based audio investment an even poorer one than its "conventional" counterpart. Thoughts on the Dream or the computer-based front end greatly appreciated!


Thanks Howard
Once I settle on speaker positioning I will load them as well
Let us know how you like the New Stealth dream Power cords

BTW Are you using the standard supplied spikes that came with the sasons ?


Howdy, Pat. When Steve came down to deliver the speakers he had specific recommendations for loading the stands. We drove out to a gun dealer together and got lead shot for the front posts of the stands, and cat litter for the larger rear chamber. To be honest I had forgotten someone once recommended something else in the chambers, and I've never tried anything else.

New speaker cables, Stealth Dream, should be arriving at the end of this week. Hopefully what I've read here about the Dream being many notches up from the MLT will be true in my system and take it to yet another level.


Howard did you ever get around to loading the stands with sand or leadshot - are you using the supplied spikes
I have mine tipped up a bit as I listen nearfield


17,000 is that correct?


Looking really good Howard! I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years!!


Looking better then ever

Enjoy the Music


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