This is my personal relaxation device. It has finally reached a point that I am very happy with it. I won't change much in the future except add some balanced interconnects for the amp and preamp. I might replace the speaker wires also but I'm wondering where to go with that. Anti-cables possibly(great reviews).....Suggestions and comments are always welcome. My musical tastes are all over...Rock,classic Rock,Jazz,Blues,Electronic(Trance,techno,Breakbeat,Etc...),

Industrial,but not a Hip Hop Fan. BIG BIG RUSH FAN!!!

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    • California Audio Labs CL-15
    This is the only piece of my system I have never even considered replacing. I really love the Cals DAC,especially the external input so I can run my Polk audio XM reciever to it.
    • Classe CP-45
    Dead quiet and clarity beyond what I ever expected. Built like a tank!!
    • Bryston 3B-NRB
    Very musical yet powerful,well built with an unsurpassed warranty.
    • JBL 4312c
    These are actually 4312a's and I have been so pleased with them. They love to be played loud,yet sound clear and detailed when played quietly with all types of music.
    • Audioquest Ruby
    A nice quality cable used from my DVD player to my preamp.
    • MAC Audio UltraSilver + Soundpipes
    These are excellent cables!!!! Very detailed sound with clarity and bass which kill copper in MHO. They are run between the CD player and the preamp.
    • White Zombie El Chupacabra
    Another solid silver cable,Running between the Classe' and the Bryston. My next upgrade will be some MAC Audio Silver balanced interconnects for the amp and preamp!!
    • Monster Cable M1000 2meter
    I use these from the Panasonic 42
    • Belden 12 guage Commercial Speaker Cable
    What can I say,It was free!! It also sounds every bit as good as the Audioquest Bedrock it replaced.
    • Polk Audio XRT12 XM Refrence Reciever
    polks XM reciever,works really well especially with the Cals much better DAC.
    • Yamaha KX-390
    A fine Cassette deck which I don't use much anymore. I do pull it out sometimes and listen to some old mix tapes from my brother Kell-bonz.

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The CAL is a great CD player. Don't waste your time finding another one. Just a suggestion for the future


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