of all my systems in the past few years I have to say to my ears this is the most musical and engaging system by a large margin. I'm not listening to equipment any longer - just music. The all Kaplan wiring was a major step towards the enjoyment factor.

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    • ExaSound E20 MK II
    32/384 & DSD *4
    • SOLD * PS Audio MK II Perfect Wave DAC w/bridge
    SOLD and replaced with Mytek With the MK2 upgrade an already great DAC took a major step forward in sound quality.
    • AMR(Abbingdon Music Research) AM-77.1
    running the amp in vertical biamp configuration - Dual-Mono Amplifier - using integrated class A tube preamp.
    • Rosso Fiorentino Siena
    leather wrapped full range acoustic suspension speakers. Love them ;)
    • Kaplan Cables GS MKII
    used for the Siena mids & tweets
    • Kaplan Cables GS MKII
    XLR from PWD to amps
    • Kaplan Cables GS MKII Power Cables
    • dedicated circuits 3x 20A
    one outlet for each amp and the PWD
    • Boston Tuning standard w/tungsten ball
    used under Mytek
    • Kaplan Cables HE MKII 3a conditioning cable
    used for Mytek 192 DAC
    • SOLD * Adona Nemesis w/cherry trim
    used for AMR amps
    • Acoustic treatments various
    GIK 6x corner traps - ATS various - GIK QRD7 diffusor used at 1st reflection - 8th Nerve etc..
    • SOLD * Project Audio RM10
    with 10cc carbon arm & Ground It isolation base - Cover It cover.
    • SOLD * Tom Evans Microgroove Plus
    very nice sounding SS phono pre that replaced a Project Tubebox II SE
    • SOLD * Mytek Stereo 192 DSD
    unbelievable performance & expecially at this price! Using it via Firewire(Granite Digital cable) with external ESATA storage(12TB) - server software is JRiver(EXCELLENT SW)
    • Cabledyne Reference RCA Cables
    very nice sounding RCA cables from a new to market company. Used between TT & phone pre and phono pre to amps.
    • SOLD * Sumiko Celebration Pearwood
    • HIFI Tuning Supreme fuse
    used in the Mytek DAC
    • Maestro 20A outlets
    used on the 3 20A lines
    • SOLD * Sumiko Speedbox II SE
    external power supply/speed control for the RM10 TT
    • Core Audio Design V.2 Model A amp stand
    used under Mytek & Tom Evans without the framing

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I'm assuming you wish the front wall faced North, instead?


thanks Aaronknock, I really enjoy the room and only wish the front wall didn't face west. The windows have good tinting so that helps with heat in the summer. I also have solar screens to put on the windows which really cools/darkens in the summer. Yeah, that's a custom sized 2" acoustic panel in the fireplace cutout - works good ;)



Hi Pierre, yes, check both out for sure. It's great that better gear is being produced at lower prices!

How's NJ treating you?


Nice pickup Tony.

Will have to read up on Mytek and Cabledyne. I guess I missed the Project Audio RM10 on your component list. Nice!


Love the openness and all the natural lighting. Looks like a really settled place to enjoy music. And, did you turn the fireplace into a bass trap? Acoustic treatments look tasteful.



System edited: just a few updates: I sold my PS Audio PWD MKII soon after I got my analog rig thinking I would use the $$ to buy vinyl. Well after a while I missed the convenience of digital so I thought I'd get the well regarded Mytek and have been really surprised at it's sound - especially with DSD! At 1/3 the price of the PWD I have to say the Mytek is a much better sounding DAC in all regards. Soon after I got my analog rig I was mostly listening to vinyl and neglecting digital(PWD) - since I got the Mytek and after 500-600 hrs of burn-in I find myself listening to digital more ;) I think that says something about the Mytek. The analog side still sounds outstanding but digital is now much closer and soooo much easier. The Cabledyne cables have been a surprise - I tried several other brands before the Cabledyne and am sticking with these. They remind me of the Purenote brand that I liked very much years ago. At the price they are asking they are an absolute steal.


thanks for the comments guys. I haven't been here to check since my last update... I wish Agon would notify when someone posts...

Zephyr - I heard them in Atlanta too and also Jacksonville. They have been my favorite speakers to date - they do everything well and have a glorious midrange.

I've done some updates that I'll list below.


Congratulations on the setup; the room and the system looks amazing! The AMR and Rosso gear and speakers have a wonderful musicality and expansiveness to them. I enjoyed them very much at Axpona 2011 in Atlanta. You must be extremely happy and very satisfied!

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Nice photos of a beautiful room and equipment.


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You have your room back.


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