of all my systems in the past few years I have to say to my ears this is the most musical and engaging system by a large margin. I'm not listening to equipment any longer - just music. The all Kaplan wiring was a major step towards the enjoyment factor.

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    • ExaSound E20 MK II
    32/384 & DSD *4
    • SOLD * PS Audio MK II Perfect Wave DAC w/bridge
    SOLD and replaced with Mytek With the MK2 upgrade an already great DAC took a major step forward in sound quality.
    • AMR(Abbingdon Music Research) AM-77.1
    running the amp in vertical biamp configuration - Dual-Mono Amplifier - using integrated class A tube preamp.
    • Rosso Fiorentino Siena
    leather wrapped full range acoustic suspension speakers. Love them ;)
    • Kaplan Cables GS MKII
    used for the Siena mids & tweets
    • Kaplan Cables GS MKII
    XLR from PWD to amps
    • Kaplan Cables GS MKII Power Cables
    • dedicated circuits 3x 20A
    one outlet for each amp and the PWD
    • Boston Tuning standard w/tungsten ball
    used under Mytek
    • Kaplan Cables HE MKII 3a conditioning cable
    used for Mytek 192 DAC
    • SOLD * Adona Nemesis w/cherry trim
    used for AMR amps
    • Acoustic treatments various
    GIK 6x corner traps - ATS various - GIK QRD7 diffusor used at 1st reflection - 8th Nerve etc..
    • SOLD * Project Audio RM10
    with 10cc carbon arm & Ground It isolation base - Cover It cover.
    • SOLD * Tom Evans Microgroove Plus
    very nice sounding SS phono pre that replaced a Project Tubebox II SE
    • SOLD * Mytek Stereo 192 DSD
    unbelievable performance & expecially at this price! Using it via Firewire(Granite Digital cable) with external ESATA storage(12TB) - server software is JRiver(EXCELLENT SW)
    • Cabledyne Reference RCA Cables
    very nice sounding RCA cables from a new to market company. Used between TT & phone pre and phono pre to amps.
    • SOLD * Sumiko Celebration Pearwood
    • HIFI Tuning Supreme fuse
    used in the Mytek DAC
    • Maestro 20A outlets
    used on the 3 20A lines
    • SOLD * Sumiko Speedbox II SE
    external power supply/speed control for the RM10 TT
    • Core Audio Design V.2 Model A amp stand
    used under Mytek & Tom Evans without the framing

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Tony, I have no doubt that the sound jumped in quality dramatically by utilizing cables over jumpers. Many manufacturers use shortcuts at shows due to logistics and constraints of shows; some don't feel jumpers are so detrimental to the sound, while others feel pressure to get the rig set up in time. There are also arrangements regarding cables possibly with other manufacturers, etc. Some feel the speaker should be heard "stock" and not enhanced.

A person cannot be assured that any manufacturer has established the rig/speaker demo as optimally as may be expected.

Yes, Mono Biamp Mode is nice; the Cambridge Audio Azur 840W amps I had also benefitted from the Mono Biamp mode; comes in handy. :)


I bet your system sounds good. I like the Rosso speakers. Kudos!