My desktop system.

Simple and musical. I added the Stax 404 Signature Headphone system and listen to Flac most of the time.

Some of the 24Bit 96Khz Flac are really good!

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    • Linn Classik
    All in one with 80W+ output and great CD performance + stunning radio reception. Can be double as pre-amp. Built like a small tank. Very reliable.
    • Tannoy Sensys DC1
    Concetric Cone - produce excellent imaging and sound stage. Super Tweeter on top to produce the super sonic treble airy effect.
    • Wharfedale SW-10
    Not punchy - but integrate well with bookshelf

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What do you think about your Tannoy Sensys speakers??
Nice system BTW!


System edited: Just sourced a Technics SL-10 - very interested TT. 1. Tangential arm - servo based - some said it's even better than the passive air bearing type. 2. Can be mount vertically up and still playing fine. The pivot ball bearing gimbal suspension, and dynamic balance system make it possible to use the tonearm on other than completely flat surfaces, even standing upright, without loss of superb tracking ability. 3. Auto repeat and electronic tracking. 4. Auto speed 33/45rpm sensing. 5. Plays small size record too.


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