Hello, have now listened to the Elac 607 ce speakers a longer period. Must say that they are the best products on the market (recommended). A slim konsept makes you feel a Transparency out its like, homogeneous and very dynamic sound.,. Maybe it's the size that makes them less attractive for the sound they present is very large :::)) Monitor lovers should be a good effort worth hearing them. ::))

Focal is a wonderful, beautiful speakers,,, ELAC is a brighter cleaner less colored. ::)) there's more information.

, together with focal Accuphase sounds

excellent,,, fantastic .....

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    • Accuphase Accuphase DP 100 ,DC101 and DG 38
    Triode sound system player!!!!!
    • Accuphase A60
    fine klass A
    • good transparent XL MM
    • Elac Elac Fs 607 Ce

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Max no adjustments mean you have pretty good treatments along with the DG 38.

I forgot about the DD 18 in the background.

Assumed the DD 18 was set one octive higher than the Elac Elac Fs 607 Ce.

What's next on the HiFi roadmap?


Hey Max what are your tweeter and midrange settings?

Spin the Yellowjackets.


Nice change-up Maxen!

Elac components are very impressive and unique. Cabinet is hybrid design of
aluminium casting and MDF, ribbon tweeter uses X-jet technology as coax and
the drivers use LLD technology which "Crystal" aluminium sandwich.
In addition, I do like the X-jet adjustments and downfiring woofer.

Not the typical box and drivers as you stated.

Well done.


Well done!

What other amplifiers did you consider for the Sophias?

Nice touch of granite and wood platforms.