My system has now reached a level of performance I only ever dreamt of. I’m am blown away by the addition of the Kronos Pro. The Zellaton Concert speakers are truly remarkable. The Silent Source power conditioner, power cords and cables provide a remarkable foundation that allows me to fairly evaluate each and every change I make to the system. The detail, depth, dimension and “feel” of my system is truly exceptional. I'd like to take credit but all I really did is listen to a couple mentors. Mike Lavigne helped to open my eyes to what is possible and has been a valuable resource for information. In addition to building my cables, power cords and conditioner, and turntable stand, Frank Dickens has been trusted friend. He has taught me more about our hobby than anyone. Frank has gotten me off of the treadmill of getting my advice from the magazines and salespeople. I now have a system that punches way above its "weight class". I am very grateful to both for helping me continue to build my dream system.

Room Details

Dimensions: 25’ × 21’  Large
Ceiling: 11’

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    • Zellaton Concert
    That pic from the net is the actual speaker in my room. The finish is spectacular.
    • Audio Research GS 150
    I keep the fan assembly off. This piece sounds even better than it looks!
    • Audio Research Reference Anniversary pre amp
    • Audio Research Reference Phono 3
    • Kronos PRO Phono
    • ZYX UNIverse Premium
    • Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC Reference
    • Audio Research CD3 Mk II
    • Silent Source Audio Cables Reference Power Source
    • Silent Source Audio Cables Reference
    Balanced interconnect (3)
    • Silent Source Audio Cables Reference Speaker Cables
    • Silent Source Audio Cables Reference Power Cords
    20 amp Power cords (4)
    15 amp Power cords (3)
    • Silent Source Audio Cables Reference Digital interconnect
    • Berkeley Audio Design Alpha USB
    • Solid Tech Feet of Silence
    Four sets
    • Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner

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Nice System and agree with you on the Reference 3 Phono Preamp - helped me to fall in love with vinyl again.  I had a quasi similar setup with having the GS150 Amp before upgrading to their Reference 250SE Mono blocks and ARC's Ref 6 Preamp, Ref. 3 Phono Preamp and Ref CD9 before upgrading to dCS' Rossini Player w/clock.  The ARC gear are awesome and so musical.  Congrats on assembling an impressive system.