Soon to be upgrading my speakers from the PMC OB1 to the PMC Fact8....I'm rather nervous about this since I've had my OB1's for a very long time....and my dealer insists the Fact8 is a better sounding speaker!  I'll also be changing my speaker cables from the Au24/e (I had them upgraded to the "e" designation a few years ago) to the Au24SX....Again, I've had these speaker cables for a LONG time...and LOVE I'm hoping that moving to the SX will be a sonic improvement!  

Selling my turntable...and recently acquired the Auralic Vega G2....which I LOVE!!!!! 

Room Details

Dimensions: 12’ × 11’  Small
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Audience ADEPT RESPONSE AR-12T
    Awesome power conditioner
    • Aesthetix Calypso Preamp
    Two channel tube preamp
    • Aesthetix Atlas
    Stereo Amplifier
    • Auralic Vega G2
    DAC Streamer for Tidal
    • Ayre C-5xe Universal Player MP Upgraded
    Universal Player. Upgraded from an ARCAM CD92. The ARCAM was a great cd player, the Ayre improves upon it!
    • PMC OB1 Speakers
    Three way floor standing transmission line speaker. These speakers are tri-wireable, but I have chosen to use two sets of Audience Au24e jumpers;  Moving to the PMC FACT8's soon!
    • Harmonix X-DC StudioMaster Power Cord
    1m length for Auralic Vega G2
    • Kubala Sosna Emotion Power Cord (x2)
    Two power cords for both Aesthetix Atlas and Calypso
    • Audience Au24e Speaker Cable
    2m length of speaker cable; I am also using two pairs of the Au 24e jumpers cables as well instead of tri-wiring the speakers.  Moving to the Au24SX soon!
    • Kubala Sosna Emotion XLR
    XLR cable between Aesthetix Atlas and Calypso preamp
    • Purist Audio Venustas Interconnect
    XLR between preamp and Auralic Vega G2
    • Audience Au24SEi Power Chord
    Power chord for the Adept Response AR-12T
    • AudioQuest Diamond Ethernet cable
    For Auralic Vega G2

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Good to hear power is not an issue with your OB1's. Most PMC speakers can go really loud and rock the house, especially FB1+'s and above.

I've got the LB1 Signatures which was the replacement to the Classics. I certainly liked them a lot with their neutral and clean presentation. Quality speakers no doubt as they were being used in some recording studios worldwide. The only weakness they have is deep bass but I have compensated this with the employment of a sub. They were discontinued just recently as Dynaudio has stopped supplying their drivers to PMC(the LB1's use Dynaudio drivers).


The PMC OB1's are great speakers. I wonder how your YBA's 75W is in driving them. They proved to be quite a difficult load I presume.

I am actually in the verge of getting the LB1 Signatures from my local dealer who is clearing them at a discount. From my understanding, the FB1+'s and OB1's utilize Vifa drivers while the discontinued LB1's use Dynaudio drivers. I can agree that the bass on OB1's is very good. Even on the diminutive LB1's, the bass is excellent and goes deep. In direct comparison with the B&W N805's, the bass is much better, the overall sound more controlled, and the sound of electric guitar's jammin more real. Awesome with Bryston electronics.