If you read the Michael Lavorgna 6 moons review,, you'll know what this system's all about. He describes the Fi 45 / Cain & Cain Abby combo as " Fred and Ginger for your ears ". It started 5 years ago when Terry Cain was kind enough to give me a good deal on a pair of Abby's. It's taken a while, but I couldn't be happier. Just added the EML meshplate 45's - they are amazing tubes - worth every penny.

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    • Modwright Pioneer DV-45A
    Modwright modded universal tube output
    • Rega Planar-25
    Rega 25th Anniversary Model
    • Fi Preamp
    Don Garber's preamp with phono
    • Fi Stereo 45
    Don Garber masterpiece with Emission Labs Mesh plate 45's
    • Cain & Cain Abby
    Abby Nearfield
    • Cain & Cain Bailey
    Matching Sub for Abby's
    • Clearaudio Aurum Beta
    Nice match with Rega
    • Decware DSR II
    Silver IC's from CD source
    • Grover & Wolff Empress
    Carbon IC's from preamp to amp
    • Better Cables Silver Serpent
    IC's for subwoofer
    • Anti-Cables speaker wire
    Inexpensive wires that have outperformed all I've tried
    • Michael Wolff Carbon Ribbon Source
    Used on Preamp
    • Revelation Audio Labs Precept II
    Cryo-Silver Reference used on amp
    • Guerrilla Audio Juice
    Power cable for cd source
    • Shunyata Research Diamondback
    Power cord for sub
    • Revelation Audio Labs Tube Power Supply Umbillical
    Cryo-Silver Reference for CD source tube power supply
    • AudioPrism Quietline
    Outlet filters
    • Herbie's Audio Lab Various tweaks
    Hal-o tube dampers Way Excellent Turntable Mat Footers - Isolation Pads
    • Neuance Isolation platform
    Under cd source and preamp
    • Eighth Nerve Response Seams
    Acoustic room treatments
    • Golden Sound Acoustic Discs
    Used everywhere with great effect
    • Mapleshade Heavy hats
    Brass damping weights

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It's a beautiful system, in a beautiful room in beautiful surroundings. Life looks good.

Shunyata and Speltz wires are among my favorites.

One suggestion, try a NOS digital.




Nice system and view! Occasionally people have busted me for having my system setup in front of lots of windows, but I have not found that it effects the sound very much. what is your experience with it?


Very cool system Beaver.


However, you DO realize that you have one speaker firing straight into the room, and one canted at an angle?

I see it too,the cross cornerplacement is slightly off - of course this is not necessarily a bad thing - Slightly asymmetric positioning can smoothen the bass response considerably, especially in small room. The only thing you want to make sure that stereo imaging is not off center and the Abbys will let you know immediatly.



Nice looking system. However, you DO realize that you have one speaker firing straight into the room, and one canted at an angle? Just an observation.



A beautiful system with a beautiful view out the windows! I love listening rooms like yours, natural light is great for the spirit and eyes. My own listening room has huge skylights to achieve the same effect you have.

I heard the Cain speakers at CES, Stereophile and other audio shows, doing photo's for Audiogon and PFO. Each time I was impressed with both the workmanship and natural, coherent sound.

Great job and nice photo, you should included some close ups too. Hope to see you around here more.

Ag insider logo xs@2xalbertporter

Nice system! Well, I can't really say otherwise since I have almost the same
setup: Abbys, Fi Y and Super X, Anti cables etc....

Interesting that you use a similar cross corner placement as well. One tip, it
might be wort trying to place the sub in the corner a little behind the Abbys.
Due to the long pipe configuration of the Abbys, bass is slightly delayed,
placing it about 3-5 ft to the back helps. And of course you get additional
bass reinforcement. Terry pretty much recommended that style setup to me.

Curious, what other amps have you tried?



This looks really good Superbeaver! There is few people who understand what low-power systems is all about. Well done! I would just suggest you get a cd player like a Vincent tube machine or a Copeland... This will round off things perfectly.

Kind regards,
Dewald Visser


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