This is the first system I'm staying with for awhile. Every component is finally broken in and I am pretty satisfied with the sound (for now).

I am still pretty new to this and would gladly welcome any suggestions.

Happy holidays!

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    • Benchmark DAC1
    Huge step up from the Rega I used as a standalone player
    • Sophia Electric EL34
    Upgraded power supply and caps, with Svetlana tubes.
    • Rega Planet 2000
    I use as a transport
    • Omega Super 3R
    Great speaker for the money
    • REL Acoustics QUAKE
    really fills out the bottom end nicely
    • Clarity Labs Emberglow
    • Hudson Audio Cabling R Speaker Cables
    Recommended by Louis at Omega
    • VH Audio Flavor 1
    Powers the DAC1
    • Signal Cable Magic Power Cords
    Powers the Amplifier and CDP
    • metal stands ..
    bought from parts express, very heavy substantial pair of stands
    • MapleShade Brass cones and weights
    Really made quite a difference on my CD player. Now under all my components
    • VH Audio Pulsar Digital cable
    2 Meters Coax to BNC connectors. Significant improvement from the glass optical cable I was using.
    • Delphi Roady2
    XM Satellite Radio with home adapter kit.

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Hey Willbc,
great system, I like that it's a fairly simple setup. Can you describe the sonic changes that the VH audio and Signal power cables made to your overall sound? I am in the market myself for some budget cords. Thanks, and talk to you later.


The Omegas are a great speaker for the money. I had B&W 602s and the omegas are in another class. There seems to be tons of great speakers out there. Likely i will move on to another brand, but up to this point i have truly enjoyed my time with these speakers, and i highly recommend you audition them. But be careful to match with right equipment. Will


Hey there! I'm considering the Omega's myself.. how do you like them?

[email protected]

After youve heard even the bottom of the barrel cables from a respected brand, all bargain basement cable sounds just wrong. I am now free of monster cable in my system and couldnt be happier. Justin


The emberglows were my first cable upgrade from regular monster cable, so i won't be able to help much. all i can say is they were a very satisfying upgrade from mass-produced cable. I really like the vh audio power cord and digital cable, i think i might try their IC as my next cable upgrade. Plus it looks like they are well spoken of looking thru these forums.


i agree wih all of you about cables being a head ache. i mean were do you start? i have decided to go with Transparent through out when the funds allow me. I am very happy with their cables that i do have, interconnects and video. I would recommend sticking to a brand, that way you can expect no surprises i.e. a bright cable matched with a warm cable. I like a warmer sound and i have not heard a transparent cable that was too bright, but then again i am also new to home audio. Just my two cents. Justin


How is the emberglow IC ?
Did you compare it with others before using this one ?


Hi Pawlowski
I sit about 7 feet from my speakers. I feel that is a minimum, personally. I listen to mainly classical, and even then i highly recommend a sub. Omegas lack substantial low end, and the REL provides very musical bass, and also provides extra depth and air, you get a more convincing concerthall presentation. I think its a must for jazz and rock. The crossover is set for the subwoofer so theres minimal overlap of frequencies with the omegas.

How do you like the sony 7000 as a transport?


Willbc; how do you think the Omegas would sound in my system (small room)? Is the sub necessary do you think? You mentioned setting the crossover - is that an adjustment you make on the sub?? What kind of music do you listen to?


Very cool system.


Will,your right about choosing cables,def. a headache! I think if i had to do it all over,id just rent a bunch from the cable co.I think i might have saved a lot of time and moneyLOL!


Hi Ray, yes, I'm very happy with the REL sub. In my system I have the crossover point set around 45hz, and it integrates very nicely with the omegas. Also seems to have good resale value if I ever want to upgrade. I listen to mostly classical, and some jazz and alternative.
there are way too many cable options out there, I think when i finally settle down on a system for the longterm choosing cables will be a big headache! Will


Hello Willbc,looks like youve done a great job!Ive allways had an interest in the REL subs,do they integrate well with the Omegas? I recently added a pr of Purist Audio Museaus ICs and love what they do for my sound!Pretty good price if you buy used!Im adding thier speaker cables next week,great from top to bottom!Well, i hate to sound like an ad,but i think ive found the perfect cables for my system.What kinds of music do you enjoy?Ray


Yes, the drivers are fostex, rated at 93dB @ 8ohms, other specs are here:
Looks like there's a second version out. I really like the new ebony finish. Also looks like they went down on the price, probably made a compromise between the R version and base version.


I don't know the Omega speakers, but the driver looks like a Fostex. What is the sensitivity rating? Is it a veneer or a vinyl? Either way, I like what I see. They should work well with the Sophia, or so I'd think. Yes, the Omegas matched with the REL should make you smile! Looks good.


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