Big system in a small listening space, but the sound is great !!

System has evolved a lot over the last years, but at this point I'm afraid I'm happy with the sound and the looks...

The problem is: what do I have to do now? Listen to music? Help me !

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    • Kharma Ceramique 2.2 Ti
    With titanium tweeters and Kharma binding posts, hence the 'Ti'
    • Symphonic Line RG 3 mk4
    With remote and dual mono MC phono board
    • Symphonic Line Turbonetzteil Reference
    Latest 'Reference' power supply for RG3 in Aranya case (under RG3)
    • Symphonic Line RG 4 mk 4
    Replaced RG7.
    • dCS Rossini Player
    • dCS Rossini Master Clock
    • Bergmann Sindre
    With vacuum hold down
    • Van den Hul Colibri Master Signature Stradivarius
    Replacing XGW
    • Stealth Dream V10
    Top class !
    • DCCA Audio Reference Master
    Latest upgraded version. On both the RG4 monoblocs.
    • LessLoss DFPC
    On CD transport and DAC. These powercords equal a component upgrade!
    • Stealth M7000
    Power cable on the pre amp
    • Stealth Audio Cables Hyperphono
    RCA to RCA
    • Stealth Nanofiber
    1m RCA
    • Hovland Generation 3
    RCA from dCS Rossini Player to RG3
    • Stealth Varidig Sextet Digital
    For Sale
    • Symphonic Line Stromkonverter
    Parallel filtering. Excellent effect.
    • Harmonix TU202ZX
    Two pair under the Kharma
    • Harmonix TU202ZX MK2
    Under my rack.
    • Harmonix TU-505EX MKII
    Nice looking and good working feet.
    • Yamamoto PB21
    African ebony cones under the Kharma
    • My Own designed Rack
    Isn't it a beauty ? :-)
    • Graham Slee Solo SR + PSU1
    Headphone amp
    • Sennheiser HD800
    Killer headphone!
    • Stefan AudioArt Endorhpin
    Is ordered with Rhodium connector... review will follow ASAP.

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I guess the audio bug is back!!!


Can you give us an update on the move from the XYZ to the Van Den Hul?



Very nice system, I too enjoy the Transrotor SME IV combo. I'm using the Shelter 5000 cartridge on my system, can you tell us a little about the sound of the ZYX in your system?