I might actually be done. I find that this is the system sound I have been looking for. It can be played from very low volume levels to very high volume and gives me what I am looking for. The mid range defines the system and it is all there. The low end is present but not overwhelming and the system can be listened to for hours without being fatiguing. I have it tweeked with my room. My concentration has been on buying music. . Thats it for now. Stephen

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    • Tyler Acoustics Woodmeres Loudspeakers
    • Jeff Rowland Capri Preamplifier
    ss preamp
    • Luxman D-06 CD/SACD Player
    • Cardas Golden Reference Cables IC/SP/PC
    Golden Reference Speaker cable, Interconnects: Golden Reference amp to pre am, Golden Reference CD to Pre Amp, 300B Microtwin DVD to Pre Amp, Power Cords: All Golden Reference except Twinlink on DVD Player
    • Running Springs Audio Haley & Duke Power Conditioners
    Power Conditioners Haley for pre-amp, cd player, and dvd player Duke for amps
    • GIK Bass Treatments
    Bass Treatments behind speakers

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"It's a well known fact that Dealer's troll this forum parading as every day members."

I guess if you can't find a reply of substance, you just make something up...



I'm not going to get into a "My amp versus your amp" debate.
I don't believe there is a Boulder dealer in Arizona.
To stay on the topic of Class D, we have a member here who has clearly stated he's happy with the Rowland 501s in his sysytem. He's gone from a top tier Class A pair of monoblocs, and he's happy with the sound of his system after the change. Isn't that what matters?



Have you heard the Rowland 501s in your system?
I'm asking because I prefer Class D amps with the B&O module, that use an input transformer, (ala Rowland & Murano).
I personally prefer these amps to other Class D B&O module
amps that use an input board (like Bel Canto & Wyred 4 Sound). This is of course a matter of personal preference.
As far as the Rowland 625 being fatiguing, in my system it is not. I know you give creedance to system synergy, I've seen you mention it in your detailed postings here.
Lastly, to address your "supposed" bias on Class D amps, I believe you stated it clearly when you equated them to carbs versus fuel injection.



Congratulations on your Rowland 501 purchase! I have (5) Murano P1000 amps in my video system. These amps are low cost clones of your 501s.
I believe you'll find a noticeable bias against class D amps on this site. I'm not sure how many posters have actually heard them, especially in an upscale system.
My 2 channel amp is a Rowland 625, I'll admit it sounds better than my Muranos driving my Avalon Avatars.
But the difference is not as great as most people assume.