An accumulation of stuff that I've built and bought over the years. It sounds pretty good to my ears and to those who have heard it.

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Dimensions: 32’ × 11’  Large
Ceiling: 8’

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    • Linkwitz LX-521
    Full-range quad-amplified dipole. Simply amazing sounding speakers. These should be on everyone's must-hear list.
    • Linkwitz Orion crossover
    4-way active crossover.
    • Hypex UcD180 HxR (x8) DIY
    Custom built 4-channel (x2) amps.
    • Teres 245
    Belt drive turntable.
    • Eminent Technology Model 2
    LT air bearing arm.
    • Dynavector 20XL
    Low output version.
    • Hagerman Cornet
    Amazing sounding vacuum tube phono preamp. Built using premium parts, including Black Gate filter caps, Hex-Freds, Holco resistors, AudioCap film/foil coupling caps, etc. Replaced a Thorsten modified Ear 834p.
    • Rpi 4 --> DigiONE Signature Streamer
    • RME ADI-2 FS DAC
    • PS Audio P-300
    Power regenerator.
    • Mogami Interconnecet cable
    • Linkwitz Lab ORION

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System edited: Did some updating.



Dear Mike

Thanks for the response. It certainly sounds very interesting. I even saw something on the net about a finishing carpenter who will build it for you. The vinyl combo sounds wonderful by the way. Someday if my wife doesn't kill me I will have to consider the teres. For right now it would be certain death. Take care


Hey! I agree with Mikech... Linkwitz is a genius and a nice guy too. There was just a post asking about the Linkwitz Transform circuit that has to be at least 20 years old now.
His site is a very good one.

Nice system. I like the TT too. I'd love to hear it. The only thing "modest" about it is your description of it! (hehe)

I remain,



The Orion was designed by Segfried Linkwitz, who was also responsible for the Beethoven/Dvorak/Vivaldi line of open-baffle speakers for Audio Artistry. Currently, the Orion project is a grass roots attempt to empower the DIY'er to build a speaker system that rivals any commercially available speaker on the market. Linkwitz sells a comprehensive construction package, which includes plans for building the speaker and circuit boards for the crossover. It's quite an amazing speaker and certainly better than anything else I've ever owned. Cheers, Mike


It looks like a very interesting system. I looked up the orion and found a bit of information, though I didn't see your particular model. How is the sound and the value of the speaker? How about the crossover? Overall it looks like a very carefully chosen system. Enjoy


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