Two channel for music only. Vinyl is the preferred source. I've had all of the components except for the table since the early 90's. Also recently replaced the the amps.

Who says Quads don't rock?

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    • VPI Industries Scoutmaster
    • Rotel RCD-951
    Good value for CD source.
    • VPI Industries JMW Memorial
    Better w/p Anti Skate
    • MFA Luminescence
    Prototype cross between late Luminescence & MC Reference.
    • Quad U S A ESL-63
    Crosby minor mods.
    • MFA M120B
    MFA Monoblocs with reissue Gold Lion KT 88

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I bought them that way. Over the years the panels eventually failed so QS&D replaced them about a year ago. The amazing thing to me about this setup is that it seems to play much louder using the analog source vs. the digital source before the protection circuitry engages. As far as MFA's driving them , I think it's a great match, although to be honest, I think any quality amp driven by this preamp would be a good match.


Nice system. I agree with your statement regarding the Quads. They are more dynamic than most folks give then credit for. Many have heard Quads with less than perfect panels or in need of attention which put them out of spec. When the speakers are within spec...look out! They are plenty dynamic and as you know have that reach out and touch you mids which are addictive. With the right amps..the bass is good too IMHO. I run a Zu sub with classical mostly and some rock when I want to boogy.

Did you buy them with the Crosby mods or have them sent off for update? I would think the MFA a pretty good choice for driving them too.

Congrats and enjoy,


Very nice amps and speakers...I had the Quad's and loved them!!


System edited: Added the MFA 120B amps and photos.


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